Insider Insight: Office Support Temping in London Part 2

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In part 1 of our series talking to different temps doing office support jobs in London, we spoke to a graduate temp who moved to London recently. In this second part in our series, we spoke to a Return-to-Work Parent, Debs, about why she is currently doing temp work in London.

The Return-to-Work Parent Temp

Debs went on her first maternity leave in 2014. Following this, she returned to her full-time permanent role as a PA in London. Her second child arrived in 2017 and Debs decided that she didn’t want such a full-on role. We talk to her about her experiences working with two young children and why she’s decided to temp.

Why did you start temping?

After a few years of nappies and preschool craft, I really needed an adult role for myself. We also needed more cash, having had two maternity leaves. I felt really daunted about trying to go back to work after my second as he was just 9 months old. My head seemed so full of everything parenting and nothing about professional workplaces! I also didn’t want to return to what I had been doing, knowing that I couldn’t commit the 12-hour days, which were a feature of my working life previously. So temping was a way back in to office support jobs in London, without the daunting commitment. It’s had the added benefit of getting my brain ticking in adult-mode again!

What type of temp placements have you done?

I’ve been back at work and temping in London for 18 months now. My eldest is at school and my youngest still in nursery. I’ve done lots of secretarial type positions. I’ve also done a stint as a receptionist. I’m currently working as a PA doing a job-share maternity cover, so working two long days per week, which works brilliantly.

How long do you think you will temp for?

I’ve decided I’ll continue temping at least until my youngest is at school. However, now my eldest has finished his first year in Reception, I’ve realised that juggling childcare and work for school aged children is actually harder than when they are in nursery! So maybe I’ll continue temping in office support jobs until they are a good bit older, as it’s good not feeling utterly beholden to work.

If you could give return-to-work parents some advice, what would you say?

Do temping in London! I haven’t regretted it for a moment. However, you need a really proactive and supportive recruitment agency. They take the pressure off and know what will work around my family life. Also, cut yourself some slack—we can’t be everything to everyone—so temping will give you income and interest without the intense commitment.

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