Moving to London from Australia for Work

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If you’re an Aussie looking to move to London, then this is the article for you! As a leading London recruitment agency, we’ll give you the advice you need about office support jobs in London, how to find them, and what you need to know as an Aussie. We’ll also look at why you should consider temporary jobs in London when you first arrive in the capital.

Why move to London?

Perhaps the question should be “why not?”. London is vibrant and cosmopolitan. It’s a global business capital, and for Aussies, it’s seen as the easiest place to acclimatise to given the similarities in language, culture, and humour to Australia. But it’s a long way! So, how do you ensure that you can smoothly move from Australia to London, settle quickly, and find work?

Basic facts and need-to-know info

There are a few different visa types that you can consider. Head over to the UK Visas and Information service to find out which you’re eligible for and which will best suit your goals.

Depending on the nature of your visa, you’ll need to decide whether to find work before arriving or after. In reality, except in niche professions, securing it beforehand can be extremely difficult. If you’re looking for office support jobs in London, these get filled very quickly. Your best bet is to get a suitable visa that allows you to work, then start looking once you’re in the UK.

Once in London, you can visit a relevant London recruitment agency and get started. In the short-term, you may find it easiest to secure temporary work in London in office support. This will help you gain more experience and an understanding of this enormous city.

London for Aussies

There are a huge number of Aussies living and working in London. London covers 20 square miles but there are a few areas where you’ll find more fellow Aussies than others, such as Shepherds Bush, Earl’s Court, and Acton. The London public transport system makes it incredibly easy to get around and commute from these areas into the city for work.

What you need to do before you can start working

Whether you’re applying for temporary jobs in London or permanent positions, you need to have a UK bank account so you can get paid. Typically, HSBC and Barclays are good options for Australians because these operate in Oz too. You’ll need a UK address and evidence (e.g. a utility bill) that you live there.

You’ll also need a National Insurance (NI) number. This is similar to what Australians call the Tax File Number. You can apply for an NI number and find out more here. If you work for an employer, then your NI number enables the UK government to deduct tax and national insurance from your salary , called Pay As You Earn (PAYE).

Office support jobs in London for Aussies

The good news is that you certainly won’t be alone being an Aussie office support worker in London! Build a relationship with a trusted London recruitment agency like Love Success and you’ll be enjoying life in London as soon as possible. If you’re seeking office support jobs in London, then get in touch with us to start your London adventure.


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