Will My Career Suffer If I Do Temp Work in London?

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Temping in London certainly has its appeal. You can wander into a London recruitment agency like Love Success and be doing temp work in London possibly within a few hours. Unsurprisingly, temp work in London is an enticing idea for students on their summer break right through to travellers passing through.

However, when it comes to considering the impact of temping on your CV and future prospects, there’s a common assumption that it will be harmful. We’d go so far as to say this is a prevalent urban myth and that temping in London is far from harmful to your career! So we’ll explain why.

The truth about temp work in London

As a London recruitment agency, we see the reality of temping in London from both the employer’s and the candidate’s viewpoints. Whilst employers have radically changed in recent years and are using temporary work as a strategic option, candidates are fearful that it may be the wrong move.

In our experience, temping in London has quite the opposite effect on a candidate’s career. Yes, the time and opportunity needs to be right, but it can be the best option. There are a number of different facets to this:

  • Temping helps your CV when there would otherwise be gaps: If you only have a short period in which to work (perhaps due to family or studying), then temp work in London will look better on your CV than no work.
  • Temping in London propels your development: Whilst long-term positions bring security and planned training and development, temping can bring skill development through a baptism of fire. Undertaking numerous temping in London opportunities will increase your skills very quickly. You’ll soon find that you can add more and more to your CV.
  • Doing temp work showcases your flexibility: The modern employer needs highly flexible and adaptable employees. Showing that you are flexible can really boost an employer’s impression of you.
  • Temping to familiarise yourself, or return to work: If you’re considering a career shift, moving into office support from elsewhere, or returning to work after a break, then temping will demonstrate your commitment to the change. It will also give you the opportunity to acclimatise and build confidence in a lower risk environment.

How to make temping in London good for your career

The important thing is to be strategic about how you use different opportunities. To start with, you need to think about why you’re considering temping in London rather than other options. This will help you define your objectives. At the moment, there is a high demand for temporary candidates, so you can choose placements that support these objectives.

We also recommend choosing a London recruitment agency that will support you in meeting your objectives. Find out more about how we can help you and how you can draw all the positives from temp work in London by downloading our Guide to Temping and Contracting.


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