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Us PAs, we’re not all the same! But we do have some traits in common. Love Success recruitment agency in London have asked me to share a bit about who I am and what I bring to my PA jobs in London. I started temp work in London through Love Success three years ago now. I’m now employed in a permanent PA role in Covent Garden. I love working in PA jobs in London for the variety and excitement they bring.

Me as a PA

My alarm goes off 6.30am. I live in Zone 2 so my commute to the office in the City isn’t too bad but I like to be at my desk by 8am with a coffee in hand! My client is in the financial sector so everything is all systems go well before 9am. I do all sorts of admin and organisational tasks. I’m usually home by 6.00pm, which I know I’m lucky with. I don’t work Fridays.

My PA loves

I love dealing with lots of different people and organising things really efficiently. That’s where I get my buzz. I also find that in PA jobs in London, I’m always learning new things. That may be about technology that can make my life easier, places to go in the capital, or something new about how the finance industry works!

My PA hates

I genuinely love working as a PA. However, I’m not too keen on being stuck on the tube on a hot day in July when the schools have broken up!

My PA challenges

I guess for me, my biggest challenge is knowing when to stop. I’m a perfectionist so it’s easy for me to fall into working long hours without much genuine need. Fortunately, my boss is very aware of that and doesn’t let it happen!

How to add value as a PA

I work hard to make the life of my executive team easier. They are crazy busy, so I add value by bringing efficiency to all of the admin they rely on. I’ve put in place systems that are intuitive and easy. By getting to know them and their industry, I’ve really made a difference through my PA role.

What are you like outside of work?

I’m still me! My friends call me The Organiser. I guess it’s my nature. I unwind by visiting the gym. I also spend time with friends. It is great living in London though as I know where is good for my bosses to take clients, or things like that.

Favourite London spot

Hmm… I love many places. I love the South Bank in the summer months. There are so many vibrant places for after work drinks. I also love the different seasonal pop-ups that are becoming popular. My bosses are now fans of using them to entertain clients, usually on my recommendation!

PA guilty pleasure

I have to admit I can’t help but take pleasure in correcting one of my executive’s spelling mistakes. He may be a finance whizz but he can’t spell for toffee and he knows it! It’s now a running joke between us.


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