Is It Time to Get a New Job?

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We’ve all been there: procrastinating, unsure whether now is the right time to send out a CV to a recruitment agency, dust off that interview suit, and move on. With temporary jobs in London on the rise, and full-time positions not seeing too much change, is now a good or bad time for PAs and office support workers to get a new job? As a leading London office support recruitment agency, we’ll take a look at the possible reasons for moving on.

Is it time to move on?

There are many different questions that can send your mind into turmoil when you’re considering a new job. Maybe you’re unsure whether you’re considering a new job for the right reasons. Or you’re wondering whether the recruitment market is good for finding PA jobs right now. Plus, giving up the known for the unknown can be daunting. So, start by considering why you’re thinking of looking for a new job.

Your passion has waned

It’s mighty hard to remain motivated in a role when the passion has gone. You probably won’t be performing to your highest standards and your career will be growing stale. In many ways, it doesn’t matter why your passion has waned. But if it has, then it’s time to move on.

Bear in mind that your passion waning may manifest in different ways. Perhaps you feel a sense of dread each morning and on Sunday afternoons, more so than what you usually experience. Or maybe you find yourself struggling with boredom and monotony at work.

You find your boss unpleasant

In any role, your enjoyment of work can be hugely influenced by your boss and your colleagues. However, in a PA role, where you’re working in such close communication but with subordination for one or a few individuals, you have an added pressure. If you’re finding your executive an unpleasant person to work for, then life is too short. You deserve better and it’s time to move on.

Your pay is no longer competitive in the PA industry

Salaries have been rising markedly over the last year. Therefore, if you know your salary is no longer in line with industry norms but your employer won’t shift, then you can feel confident that you will do better elsewhere. It’s time to start looking for a job that rewards you for your skills and experience.

You want to develop new skills

While there are many pros to long-term employment, it’s not always the best for career development in terms of acquiring new skills. You’ll likely end up doing the same tasks day-in-day-out over and over again. Therefore, if it’s important that you have the opportunity to develop new skills, you may need to look elsewhere.

Get ready to move on

If one or more of these reasons for leaving your job resonate with you, it’s probably time to contact us—your London PA recruitment agency—and find out your options for moving on. Looking at temporary jobs in London may be the best solution right now. We’ve explained previously why you should consider temporary jobs in London at the moment, particularly if you are job hunting before Brexit. Temp work can enable you to rapidly develop new skills and accelerate your career. However, as a London recruitment agency, we also have permanent jobs available.

Read our useful resources for candidates for information on interview tips to CV writing and get us working on your career today.


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