Would You Recommend PA Jobs in London to Your Friends?

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We are a popular PA recruitment agency specialising in PA jobs in London, as well as other office support roles. For both permanent and temporary jobs in London, we often find that our candidates have been recommended to us. Those recommendations generally come from friends. This is fantastic for us, as those within PA jobs in London have brilliant insight into the skills and acumen that their friends possess—matched with insider knowledge of what the roles entail.

We decided to call up five Love Success former candidates who are now in permanent roles and five Love Success candidates in temporary jobs in London. So today, we’ll hear from them directly whether they would recommend a friend, and why…

Recommend a friend: permanent PA jobs in London

We asked “Would you recommend PA jobs in London to your friends?” This is what they said:

  • “Yes, absolutely. It’s frantic at times but most of my friends would thrive on that!”
  • “Many of my friends are already PAs. We tend to flock together! We understand the unique pressures of the role and can offer each other tips and advice.”
  • “Probably, but only those who are naturally very organised. I’m proud of my reputation for providing a valuable service and I would want to be certain that I was recommending someone who really knows what they are doing.”
  • “Yes, but I’d also give them some advice about who to work for. In PA work, your boss has the ability to really make or break the job and your spirit! I’d also recommend Love Success agency as they were brilliant for me.”
  • “Without a doubt. I have loved all of my PA jobs in London and have built a really rewarding career. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes variety and gets pleasure out of making someone else’s life easier.”

Recommend a friend: temporary jobs in London

We asked “Would you recommend temporary PA jobs in London to your friends?” These were their replies:

  • “I really would. This is how I managed to move to London and start a career.”
  • “Yes, there’s so much choice in PA temporary jobs in London that there’s something for everyone.”
  • “I think so. This is how I made many of my friends since moving to London. There are quite a lot of us out there doing similar things.”
  • “Definitely. In fact, I have already recommended Love Success to several of my friends. I wouldn’t recommend being a PA to anyone, but for those who would suit it, I’d definitely recommend Love Success as the way to go.”
  • “Yes, I referred two friends through Love Success and we’re now flat-sharing. We chat to each other about our roles and the opportunities available and we’re all really positive about it.”

Refer a friend and get vouchers!

Love Success PA recruitment agency specialises in matching candidates to clients for PA jobs in London, office support roles, and temporary positions. We love it when our successful candidates refer a friend so they can see for themselves what’s great about Love Success and what’s great about PA life. That’s why we offer £25 Selfridge vouchers for temporary referrals and a whopping £100 for permanent referrals (T&Cs apply).

Find out more and recommend your friend today.


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