Working as a PA for a Millionaire

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The news rippling through our PA recruitment agency has made us all have a think about the typical PA jobs in London on offer. Matthew Lepre, self-made millionaire, has hit the headlines lately by advertising “the coolest job in the world”. What is this coolest job? It’s being PA to him as he travels the world, paid accommodation in 5* hotels, plus a salary of £28k. This is slightly above the UK national average for a PA job.

Unsurprisingly, he’s had a whole heap of applications—over 40,000 to be exact. He’s even had a few marriage proposals thrown in for good measure. There’s a great deal of hype about this PA job. But would working for a millionaire be all that it’s made out to be?

Travelling the world as a PA

The first thing to point out is that this is a highly mobile job. The main condition is that you will be travelling. However, it’s vital to remember that in these situations, you aren’t setting the agenda. You’re tagging along for the ride, and it can be immensely difficult to balance your own desires and needs when you don’t set the timetable.

Money, money, money

£28k sounds like a lot. Staying in 5* hotels though, living alongside a millionaire, you’ll very quickly find that doesn’t go far. You’ll most likely be feeling like the poor relation in no time at all. Fiona Barratt-Campbell, who is London-based and has her own private PA, specifically states that this role isn’t for someone who thinks it will be “super-glamourous”. Interestingly, one PA to the rich and famous reports: “I feel like my clients are usually about 20 percent less happy than anyone I know in my income bracket.”

We often find that the salary for PA jobs in London exceeds what Matthew Lepre is offering. For example, as a London recruitment agency we’ve recently been recruiting for a West End based PA with a salary range of £35k-£40k. Obviously, rates depend on experience, but this is important to understand before getting side-tracked by glitz, glamour, and jet skis.

Career opportunities

One of the beauties of PA jobs in London—a thing we often see as a PA recruitment agency—is that London is the ideal setting to build a career. Working within the capital, you’re always close to opportunities. You can keep in touch with your London recruitment agency and ensure you always have the finger on the pulse of your niche.

At the end of the day, it’s better to look at the specific nature of the job, not at the pound signs flashing above your would-be executive. Choose your PA job based on your lifestyle, not theirs. Choose based on their personality and working style, not their bank balance. Choose based on the entire role. You can browse the current PA jobs on offer in London here.


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