Inside Insight: Why I Love Being a Travelling PA

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As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we love to bring you insider insights, so today you’ll hear from one of our top London PAs as she shares the reasons why she loves the PA lifestyle…

The best of everything

I hop around office support jobs in London, although I’m strictly a PA by trade. I love the lifestyle that temp work in London can bring. Fortunately, with Love Success as my PA recruitment agency, I’ve been able to make this my career.

I didn’t fall into being a travelling PA. I actively chose this route. However, I do know that many others fall into a pattern of temp work in London without really thinking about it—usually because they’ve taken the first position offered to them and then gone on from there.

The reason why there are so many PAs and people doing office support jobs in London is because you really get the best of everything. I always take temp work in London over other regions. I’m a travelling PA, but my work life predominantly focuses on the capital. It’s where the best short-term opportunities for PAs are. You can still get high-level roles without the long-term commitment.

In terms of my career, temping has benefitted me in ways I perhaps didn’t think it would. I’ve gained far broader experience by working this way. In turn, it’s allowed me to secure other office support jobs in London, which go a bit beyond the role of the classic PA. I’ve now got a CV bursting with skills and experience.

I also love the nature of temp work in London because I like variety but love calling London home. I enjoy problem-solving and there’s a great deal of that in temporary roles! My placements typically last between a few days to a few months and I love challenging myself to see what difference I can make in the short time available.

My work-life balance

Perhaps the biggest benefit to me has been the huge improvement in my work-life balance. I guess you could call me a typical millennial. I recognise the importance of getting the balance right and temp work in London has allowed me to balance all aspects of my life.

Working in temp jobs means that if I want to take a month off to travel or to pursue one of my hobbies, I can. I can imagine that isn’t always possible without some careful planning for those in permanent roles or relying on temp work. But with Love Success as my PA recruitment agency, I’ve never been out of work when I’ve not wanted to be. They always have something lined up.

Why I think you should try being a travelling PA

If you’re skilled as a PA and looking for more diversity in your career, combined with a better work-life balance, then being a travelling PA could be for you. Temp work is always available across a range of office support jobs in London. Just make sure you pick a dedicated PA recruitment agency like Love Success to help you secure each position.


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