Inside Insight: A Day in the Life of a Temporary PA in the City

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We know you love hearing about real-life experiences of PA jobs in London, so we’ve brought you another insider story. Today we’re focusing on a day in the life of a temporary PA in the City. Temporary jobs in London are a particularly good option at the moment, largely thanks to Brexit uncertainty. As a recruitment agency London that specialise in temp jobs, we’ve spoken to someone who is benefitting from the situation.

Why did you choose to be a temporary PA in the City?

I’ve been working in PA jobs in London for around 15 years now. Before, I only sought permanent roles. But in the last two years, I’ve been doing temporary jobs in London, predominantly the City. I’m particularly familiar with being a PA in the finance sector, so this really works for me.

How long do your temporary jobs usually last?

It varies, but I usually go for temporary jobs that are between one and six months long. That suits me and my working lifestyle. I know others who favour very short placements of a week and others who always try to secure a year-long contract.

What’s a typical day like when you’re working temporary jobs?

For me, a typical day depends on the particular placement. But I always start the day with my to-do list! I’m a list fanatic, which serves me well as a PA. I prioritise what needs doing. This usually means a window of time making phone calls and another sending out emails. The rest of the day may be a complete mix, but usually involves taking minutes in meetings, organising meetings and events, and doing a range of admin tasks.

As a temporary PA, do you find it hard to get to know an organisation?

There are always a few days of acclimatising when you start a new job. This is the same for all temp work in London. However, it’s really important that you get up and running quickly. I try to identify the individual who knows the organisation well, especially systems, but who has enough time to show me the ropes. This usually isn’t your executive!

Would you say temporary PA jobs have helped or hindered your career?

At the moment, they’ve definitely been beneficial. When you work for one employer in one role, you can quickly become highly skilled in some areas, but lose the dexterity of working with multiple systems, people, and processes. Getting temporary roles through a PA recruitment agency has enabled me to broaden my skills and build my career. But I’m aware that this has only been possible because of the current employment market. Nowadays, there are lots of temporary PA jobs in London so I can always find something. Ten years ago, it wasn’t like this!

What’s your top tip for someone looking for a temp PA role in the City?

Get your CV in order! When you approach a recruitment agency in London that specialises in temporary jobs, they’ll only see your CV at first. You need to showcase that you are actively choosing temp work and show how this has really benefitted your knowledge and skills.

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