How to Find a New Job Before Brexit

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So, the Brexit deadline has been extended and we’re looking at a flexible withdrawal date of 31st October. It’s flexible because if we come to an agreement, we can leave before then. It’s not going unmissed that the biggest horror of this new Halloween date is yet more uncertainty. That’s as true for job seekers as anyone else. Does this mean that you can’t find a new job before Brexit is over? Many recruitment agencies in London will have you believe this. But we’re a London recruitment agency that is actually giving you the facts.

You can find a new job before Brexit. You just need to know how.

Be aware of the present but have an eye on the future

If you’ve been holding fire on looking for a new job because of Brexit uncertainty, then you’re not alone. There has been an atmosphere of caution around moving jobs because of Brexit. However, on a personal level, if you’ve felt ready to move on, you’re probably getting mightily frustrated by the wait-and-see approach stretching out into the future again. We aren’t suggesting you turn your back on this caution, but we are suggesting you also focus on the future: your future.

If you’re ready to move on, don’t let Brexit hold you back. There are opportunities out there. Not least because the UK currently has a record-low unemployment rate of 3.9%. It’s currently a candidate’s market. Now is a good time to seek a pay jump with a move too, with some industries reporting particularly big wage rises. This means that if you’re ready to make the move for your career development, you shouldn’t be afraid to do so.

Be open-minded

Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a new role, you shouldn’t simply bask in the limelight of this candidate-friendly market without realising the state of play for employers. Employers are finding this period of uncertainty particularly tough. They’re dealing with a desire to keep their business thriving whilst not really knowing what to do, facing down the barrel of a gun shooting out skills shortages and wage rises.

The candidates who benefit from this situation are those who are prepared to be open-minded about their next position. Most crucially, we’re talking about the current importance of temporary positions. A candidate willing to consider temporary positions for their next role will open up more opportunities. You won’t sacrifice your career prospects. Indeed, you couldn’t be opening them up. Employers are currently offering high wages to temporary workers as they bridge the uncertainty of Brexit. This is particularly the case in roles such as office support, where much of the previous temporary labour came from the EU.

The basics

Finally, don’t forget to get the basics right. Don’t simply look at any recruitment agency in London. Many recruitment agencies aren’t fully aware of the impact Brexit is having and how to ensure that both employers and candidates fare well. Choose a dedicated recruitment agency, such as Love Success, which specialises in your niche. Then polish your CV and get looking. Ready to make the move? Submit your CV today.


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