How to Get Temporary Office Work in London

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In quarter 4 of 2018, there were 1,568,000 temporary workers in the UK. Taking both permanent and temporary worker data into account, 9.7% of London workers are employed in admin and secretarial positions. Combine these two factors and you have a ripe market for getting temp work in London within office, PA, secretarial, and admin positions. As a recruitment agency in London, we’ll help you find these temporary jobs in London.

Understand why there is temp work in London

Before you begin your search, we need to dispel some myths about temporary working. Yes, there will always be the call for temping staff to cover absence (holiday, sickness, maternity and paternity leave). There will also always be a need for short-term cover for seasonal fluctuations.

However, there is also a growing trend within the capital for temporary office workers to be an integral part of strategic planning. Employers are often choosing to use temporary workers as a conscious and operationally-driven decision, rather than purely as a ‘stop-gap’ to minimise disruption. Choosing temp work in London can also be an active career decision, not a career ‘stop-gap’.

The nature of temporary jobs in London

This trend is changing the shape of temp work. We still see the one-day or a few-week placements for absence and seasonal cover. However, with increasing parental rights and the trend to use temporary staffing strategically, we’re seeing an increasing number of longer temporary contracts ranging from several months to a year.

Despite this, there are still some commonalities of old. With temp work, employers expect a number of qualities:

  • Instant availability
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

Benefits of temporary office work in London

So what’s in it for you? Beyond a flexible way of managing your short-term employment needs, temping can bring some exceptional benefits to you.

  • Employment, fast: You’re likely to be able to secure a temp position quickly.
  • Flexibility: At our recruitment agency in London, we see candidates seeking flexibility for all sorts of reasons such as balancing family and caring obligations, travelling, or earning extra cash.
  • Networking: Working for multiple employers enables you to network effectively. This is particularly valuable if you’re looking for industry-specific experience.
  • Experience: Temping is an excellent solution if you’re looking to gain varied experience very quickly. If you want to try out a new career or take a direction change, temping can be ideal.
  • Good pay: Temp wages in London have been pushed up lately. For secretarial, PA, and admin positions, there is an average salary for temp workers of £28,362, representing a 16% increase in March alone[CB1].
  • Breaking in: Temporary positions can be ideal if you’re struggling to get your foot in the door of your career. Sometimes all you need is a ‘break’. That break comes more easily when temping.

How to find temporary office work in London

Knowing what an employer is looking for and the benefits you can expect is one thing. How do you find these amazing positions? The good news is that you’re in just the right place. At Love Success, we’re a recruitment agency in London that specialises in office work, temporary jobs, and PA roles. Register here and we’ll get things moving quickly.


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