Are There Better Times of Year to Look for PA Jobs?

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The New Year has come and gone. This traditional boom time for recruiting is now over. Does that mean that spring isn’t a good time to look for PA jobs? There are times of the year when looking for PA jobs and office support jobs in London are easier. However, we’re currently in a recruitment market where skills are in high-demand. We’re also experiencing unique elements that affect recruitment in 2019 (e.g. Brexit), which means we need to balance annual recruitment cycles with current trends. As a leading office support recruitment agency, we’ll let you in on the best time.

The standard recruitment year

If we take a standard year without too much heed to other market influences, recruitment does see some peaks and troughs. Let’s take a look…

Spring: As new budgets are set and launched at the beginning of the calendar year, we tend to see a wealth of opportunities arising for office support jobs in London in January and February. This peak does continue into spring, but this begins to tail off as we head into the summer.

Summer: Over the warmer months, PA jobs in London undergo a significant shift in demand. Whilst of course some permanent positions will still be advertised, summer signals a growth in demand for temporary jobs in London. Staff holidays need to be covered, and we see students stepping in to meet the demand for short-term cover and roles.

Autumn: Over autumn, we see a renewed energy in the recruitment market for PAs. Larger companies will have seen changes in their internal structures as new graduates join the ranks at the bottom. This has a ripple effect on executive roles, which come to the fore around now. Many companies will have new PA roles that need filling.

Winter: However, as soon as we head into December, things generally go much quieter. December can be a particularly tricky time for both candidates and employers. However, for this reason, December can also be a good time again for temporary jobs in London to see companies through the holiday period.

The 2019 recruitment picture

However, these recruitment trends can’t be taken as gospel without looking at the market influences of a particular year. 2019 is particularly interesting in this regard.

Talent war

Firstly, there is an intense talent war at the moment, combined with low unemployment. Employers are struggling to fill roles. This puts candidates in a stronger position. This means that although we would typically still see a strong recruitment market in springtime, it’s now titanium-strong with no real sign of a summer drop in demand. Basically, now is a great time to secure new PA jobs in London.


Secondly, Brexit is hugely impacting the recruitment market this year. Therefore, we’re seeing an interesting mix of both opportunity and fear. On one hand, Brexit is presenting opportunities, particularly for temporary jobs in London as organisations secure cover while considering their longer-term options. However, it’s also creating an environment of fear, where individuals in office support jobs in London are not too keen to move until things are more certain.

Our verdict on the 2019 recruitment year

All in all, the overriding factor is that candidates remain in a strong position throughout 2019 and this applies in all office support roles. We just need to keep our eye on traditional recruitment seasonal trends combined with the distinct elements of 2019. If you’re looking for your next temporary office support job or a permanent PA job, get in touch with our team today.


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