Why Being a Temporary Worker in London Is the New Craze

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At London’s leading PA and office support recruitment agency, we’ve seen a surge in candidates looking for temporary jobs in London. The jobs market in general is seeing the same, with a rise in candidates working in temporary roles. You might wonder, but why would workers want to work in temporary jobs when they don’t necessarily promise a stable career? Today, we’ll take a look at the current temporary work craze and what’s causing it.

Experiences, experiences, experiences

One of the major factors luring workers to temporary jobs is the chance to experience so many different jobs, colleagues, companies, and workplaces. For people who enjoy new experiences, the temporary jobs world offers unrivalled opportunities. It’s a fast-paced and exciting way of life.

Generally, no two days are the same, especially in office support jobs in London, leading to a wide range of experiences. The concept of a job for life is becoming a hallmark of the past, with workers preferring to have a wide range of experiences across multiple jobs.

Testing the waters

Since temporary workers aren’t tied to a career, they can keep their options open when it comes to a long-term job. Taking temporary jobs allows workers to find out what they like, and importantly what they don’t like. It can help them discover what kind of job, industry, and company they’d like to work in long term. Some candidates also go on to take permanent positions in the company they temp for.

Gaining new skills

Another reason that workers are leaning towards temporary work is the chance to develop new skills and prepare for other roles. Temp jobs typically involve doing all kinds of different tasks on a day-to-day basis and coordinating with various people throughout the command hierarchy, which helps to develop vital workplace skills. Having this kind of variable skillset broadens candidates’ future options.

Flexible lifestyle

In today’s jobs market, candidates are looking for flexibility in their work—often more so than financial reward. As a recruitment agency in London, we've watched this trend develop over the past few years. The new generations entering the workforce are looking for flexible working hours, a better work-life balance, and the option to work from home. The emphasis is less on seeking personal wealth, and more on having a flexible career that workers can balance with their personal life.

What temporary workers can offer you

With a rise in the number of workers who would prefer to work in temporary positions, this offers benefits to organisations too. It creates a market of passionate and enthusiastic workers who want to give it their all and see exactly what you can offer them. The temporary workforce enables you to fill gaps in your workforce, cover staff absence, and thrive in periods of increased workload.

As London’s leading office support recruitment agency, we have access to a wide range of temporary jobs and candidates. So if you’re a business looking for temporary workers, get in touch and let us help you fill your vacancies. If you’re looking for your next temporary job or would like to start temping, contact our team of recruitment experts today.


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