What Does Brexit Mean for PA Jobs in London?

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After the impact of last week’s Brexit vote are felt, uncertainty abounds. The 29th March gets ever closer, with the possibility that Brexit may be delayed. But what does Brexit mean for PA jobs in London? As a London PA, are you safe and what can you do? While Brexit is providing opportunities for workers, it’s also causing uncertainty in the jobs market. So, as a leading London PA recruitment agency, we’ll take a candid look at this unique and immensely time-pressured situation.

What employers are doing in light of imminent Brexit

Perhaps the most interesting piece of news concerning Brexit and recruitment has slipped slightly under the media radar. Whilst leading media channels are focused on the political storm, industry-specific media has seen a notable shift in employer action.

Senior employees and executives, particularly in the banking sector, are being enticed away from London to the EU before Brexit, rather than being encouraged to ‘hang tight’. While these same employers were trying to stick to ‘business as usual’ until recently, they are now luring their key staff away to ensure they can still meet the needs of their EU customers in a seamless way.

What does this mean for PA jobs?

For those working in PA jobs in London, many roles sit within the financial and banking sector, and this poses an interesting change in the landscape. With a potential exodus of executive-level roles to Europe, it stands to reason that the demand for PAs will increase on the continent and decrease in London itself to some degree. However, as we explained previously, Brexit is having a positive effect on PA jobs in London in some ways.

How to play the Brexit game in recruitment

At our London-based recruitment agency, we suggest that both employers and candidates see the uncertainty of Brexit as bringing a degree of opportunity. In the immediate short-term, we recommend that businesses use temporary workers to fill office support roles that are created because of the Brexit situation and to navigate this period of heightened uncertainty. There isn’t time to address difficulties with permanent solutions, and using temporary workers also enables you to keep your options open. Likewise, job seekers should take advantage of the increased opportunity for temporary jobs in London.

Get ready to act

However, both employers and those seeking permanent PA jobs in London need to get ready to act immediately when we really know what is happening. Whenever Brexit occurs, it will be a time of great flux in the recruitment market. To make the most of it, you’ll want to get registered with recruitment agencies in London that specialise in your niche now. This will ensure you’re ahead of the game and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.

Register with Love Success today if you’re looking for temporary jobs now, PA jobs in London following Brexit, or candidates to fill your vacancies pre- and post-Brexit. You can call us on 020 7870 7177.


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