The Workforce Needs to Develop New Skills to Succeed… but How?

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As a leading London recruitment agency, we’re proud to see many of our candidates achieving success across a wealth of industries. We’re also well-placed to notice industry trends—and there's one thing that stands out across all industries at the moment—be it temporary or permanent jobs, office support roles, or managerial levels. And that’s the importance of developing new skills for the future. So, let’s look at why new skills are vital in the workplace.

What’s changed?

In recent years, our society has transformed dramatically, and we’ve noticed that the job market is on the cusp of change. In particular, the growth of technology has widened the gap between what employees can do and what employers want. This divide can be huge, because degrees and qualifications don’t necessarily prepare people for real life in the office, especially when it comes to IT skills.

What difference does IT make?

Those who lack training in IT are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding work, because these skills are vital in today’s jobs. Nowhere is this more visible than in office support jobs. For example, just ten or fifteen years ago, PA jobs were vastly different to what they are now. Even entry-level temporary jobs require solid IT skills these days. To keep the pace with these changes, workers need to reskill and upskill. So, how does the workforce learn new skills to advance and progress? There isn’t one simple answer, but many…

What can organisations do?

As a company, if you want an optimal workforce for the future, then it's essential to give workers the time and resources to re-skill themselves. This might mean paying for your employees to study for qualifications, providing in-house training courses, or developing mentoring programmes. Instead of the fixed roles of old, you can create a workplace where staff have more freedom to do jobs where they have the most potential to grow and develop new skills.  

What can recruitment agencies do?

You might wonder what role recruitment agencies play in this picture? Well, recruitment agencies can make re-training a mandatory requirement for candidates. They could offer upskilling workshops or access to funded courses. For example, at Love Success—London’s leading office support recruitment agency—we offer free training in Microsoft software to all of our candidates. Re-skilling is an essential part of preparing the future workforce, so we like to play our part to help our candidates succeed.

What can employees do?

Of course, the workforce can also help to upskill and reskill themselves. If you’re employee of a company, you can put a business case together and ask your employer whether they’d provide training or time off, or even fund further studies. Or you can pay for these courses and qualifications yourself, knowing that it’s an investment to help you gain better jobs in the future.

What can job seekers do?

If you’re currently unemployed, you might have access to courses via government funding or recruitment agencies, so you can develop vital skills for the future while seeking a new job. If you’re looking for temporary or permanent office support jobs or PA jobs, get in touch with our team today, as we can help you gain the IT skills needed to succeed in these roles.

In short, it’s up to organisations, recruitment agencies like us, and individuals to push for re-skilling at all levels in the workplace. It’s essential for the future—whatever job you do. 


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