A Week in the Life of a Temp Office Support Worker in London

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Office support jobs in London are hugely varied. However, they represent one of the most lucrative and easiest-to-secure temping jobs. They are always in demand, particularly at the moment in light of the uncertainty regarding Brexit. They are also ideal for many employers to over short-term needs such as sickness, leave, or demands of a particular time-scale or project.

But what’s it really like to work in temporary jobs in London? Luckily, we’re the leading London office support agency, so we have the inside scoop. We interviewed one of our in-demand office support temps to find out what their daily life is really like.

What is an average week like in a temporary job in London?

There is no average week! Often, I’m with the same employer for a whole week, up to a few months. However, it’s not unusual to not find out where I’m going until on the day or even change from day to day! I love the variety of that. One day, I can be working with bankers in the City, scheduling year-end reviews and meetings, and the next I’m setting up a training event within the media. The next I’m taking a week off to myself.

That must be quite challenging?

It is, but I love that. It’s a really exciting type of work. Temporary jobs in the city allow you to really see what London is truly about. I like to know that I can always bring my unique experience to each position. It’s great for me as a student because I can be flexible working around the times of the year I have more availability. It also really builds my work experience, which will look great on my CV after I graduate.

How do you decide who to work for next?

At the moment, there are so many temporary jobs in London. I understand that Brexit means that many of the European workers who filled these roles are no longer available in the same numbers. That means I’m spoilt for choice. I chose to work with Love Success as they always bring me a wide range of opportunities. Yes, they are seeking the best for their client, but I also feel that in doing that, they really strive to give me opportunities which use my skills and also build my experience.

What’s been your longest lasting temp role?

My longest position was for 9 months maternity cover, which I did before starting university to save some cash. It was pure office support for an insurance company. I did everything and anything from filing and typing through to helping to populate a new database. I viewed it as really important to keep all the procedures and systems in complete order so that it would be easy for the person I was covering to step back in.

What do you usually do on the first day in a new role?

The first day is always tiring! The nerves still play up but within an hour or so, I find my feet. I like to arrive early so that I get off on the right foot. I listen to the priorities and which tasks are most important. I’ll then usually take some time to work out a plan of action. There are always new procedures and systems to learn in every office, so I try to hunt down the best person who’s got 10 minutes to spare so that I can get going quickly.

Temporary office support jobs in London are great for building experience and juggling around other commitments, and you need to be proactive and quick to adapt to make it work. Browse our temporary office support jobs here or get in touch if you’re looking for your next temporary office support or PA job.


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