A Top London PA’s Best Client Lunch Spots

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When you’re looking to woo a prospective client or arrange a lunch meeting for your boss, it generally falls to you as a PA to arrange the location for the meeting. If you're unfamiliar with the best places in the city for this type of affair, it can be difficult to excel at PA jobs in London. Don’t worry—as a top London PA, I’ll walk you through the best places to take your clients for lunch meetings in the capital.

Gascon Clubs

As a PA, you'll find that arranging lunch meeting is a regular part of the role, so you might as well have this place on speed dial. One of the first places you should consider for quick lunch meetings is Club Gascon. Known for its quick meals and attentive service, it’s an excellent choice when you want to woo a client, but your boss or the client has time constraints.

Comptoir Gascon

Since you have responsibility for booking ahead and sorting everything out in PA jobs, another great and reliable choice is Comptoir Gascon. It’s also known for its attentive service and quick turnaround. The food is reasonably priced, so it can be useful if you have team lunch meetings to organise for your colleagues.

L'anima Cafe

If you’re looking for something a bit different, then head down to Liverpool Street. This café is quieter than most and pretty unassuming, but it does offer delicious food and beautiful service. It's excellent for real, down-to-earth meals with a client or director, in a relaxed atmosphere that helps clients unwind. Plus, it offers a fast turnaround.


This isn't an actual avenue, but the name of the café. It's an American-themed venue, which is especially useful if you want to establish an international relationship. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, yet elegant enough to enjoy business discussions over lunch. Founded in 1997, it blends British service with American food, and the result is something exceptional for that all-important lunch with a director or a business partner.

Whether you work in temporary or permanent PA jobs, knowing the top lunch spots makes all the difference in easy, hassle-free planning. You can pre-empt what kind of environment will be best for the meeting and really impress your boss. For more top tips to help you excel in PA jobs, stay tuned to the Love Success blog, London’s leading PA & office support recruitment agency. 


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