A PA in London: An Insider’s Story

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Many people enjoyed to our ‘Day in the Life’ article featuring a top London PA, so we decided to bring you another insider story. As one of the top London temping agencies, we know that there isn’t such a thing as ‘normal’ when it comes to the role of a PA. However, just so you know what to expect from similar temporary jobs in London and the recruitment process, we’ve asked the pertinent questions to one of our temporary PAs.

Who needs temporary PAs in London?

I’ve been working in various temporary PA jobs in London and I can say for certain that each role differs. There are common elements though. Usually in a temporary situation, you’re coming into an element of crisis or urgency. Either they’ve been left short-staffed and tasks have built up or the business is growing and there’s no longer the capacity to manage admin and PA tasks. There are also situations where employers are running events or are seasonally overwhelmed. Occasionally, I’ve been asked by London temping agencies to cover staff sickness and maternity leave.

Where did you find your most recent position?

London temping agencies are always my first port of call. However, I really recommend going to one that specialises in your area of expertise. For me, that’s Love Success, who are a dedicated PA recruitment company.

What tasks do you find yourself doing in the early days of a temporary PA role?

I need to acclimatise quickly. Temporary PAs need to hit the ground running. This means I have to communicate very quickly and effectively to determine priorities and processes. Usually, there are some relatively quick but urgent tasks to get in hand, such as bookings and travel arrangements. Once I’ve dealt with these tasks, I can then move on to longer term diary management and implementing additional processes to simplify and streamline the admin functions.

What skills do you think make you good for temporary jobs in London?

Flexibility! You have to be flexible. One day, you could be hands-on helping your employer to run an exhibition stand until 10pm at night. The next you may be sat in the office taking calls. Being able to be flexible to the needs of different employers is a skill in itself.

Is there anything you find difficult about temporary PA roles?

Of course. I sometimes feel I can’t see things through to conclusion. I believe I add value to every role though – I pave the way to make things easier for others.

Is now a good time to seek temporary recruitment in London?

Absolutely! Now is an exceptionally good time to find PA temp work in London. The uncertainty over Brexit means many companies need a PA but don’t want to embark on long term commitment. The capital is also losing many of its traditional temp workers, again due to Brexit. This offers a real opportunity.

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