PA Highlights: What Makes the Best PA?

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As London’s leading PA recruitment agency, we’re often asked “What makes the best PA?” There are many ways we could answer this question. However, coming up at the core is ‘being ahead of the game’. In PA jobs in London, success comes from always being one step ahead. On a micro level, you need to be one step ahead of the boss you serve, predicting their pain points and smoothing the way. On a wider level you need to be a step ahead of trends in the capital in terms of everything from restaurants to event venues. So how do you do this? We’ll let you in on the

Stepping outside the vacuum

Part of the role of a PA is to look outwards. This can come as a surprise to many ‘old-school’ PA job description writers! Whilst those you serve are focused on a very specific role within an organisation, your role includes facilitating this within a wider context.

This means that you are, in many ways, the conduit between your organisation and the outside world. You need to stay on top of everything from current affairs to travel advice. There’s no doubting that this is a tall order! Firstly, we recommend you make a habit of reading our blog. This will help you stay on top of everything from the best place for a London lunch to the best co-working spaces.

Know London

PA jobs in London have their own unique flavour precisely because they are in a capital city famed for business. Being London-based is very much integral to the role that you do.

Therefore, you need to develop and utilise your unique knowledge of London. Putting sites such as Time Out London on your favourites list is a powerful shortcut to access everything from venues to hotels. When you’re called upon to book 10 different clients in to 10 different hotels and plan entertainment as well as meals, you’ll be best positioned to complete the task effectively.

Be organisationally-savvy

Chances are that one of the reasons you thrive as a PA is precisely because your organisational skills are top-notch. Staying ahead of the game depends on your ability to be an organisational superhero.

Put in place processes that make your tasks more streamlined. Have the travel agency on speed-dial. Have your boss’s calendar synced with yours. Make sure you use to-do list apps or software that help you prioritise. As we know, much of the job satisfaction for PAs rests on knowing that you are the King or Queen of Organisation.

Get support

Lastly, PA jobs in London are ripe territory for burnout. Ensure you build a positive relationship with your boss where you can both respect each other’s need for a work-life balance. Seek additional training in areas where you need it, elevating your skills to feel more comfortable in the face of a challenge.

Lastly, if the role isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to move on. We are a recruitment agency with a wide number of opportunities for permanent and temporary PA jobs in London. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177 and we can support you through your next steps.


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