Looming Brexit Changes – What Should You Do?

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In a bid to stay on top of all-things-Brexit, it’s sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. Understandably, we’re posting about Brexit again. Importantly, we want to look at the two different sides of the hiring coin. Here we discuss what the looming changes mean for employers, and what they mean for candidates. We unveil why Brexit is good news for office support jobs in London and why temporary jobs in London are undergoing a recruitment style change.

The employer’s picture

With Brexit dominating the headlines, it’s difficult to understand that in recruitment terms, it’s only one part of the picture. Yes, Brexit (and its horrible uncertainty) is affecting the job market. We can’t escape this.

With headlines about the increasing numbers of headquarters exiting London and heading for the EU, it’s easy to think that Brexit alone is the domineering factor for recruitment. We do need to realise that it is impacting us—whatever happens on 29th March. We can’t argue with the figures that EU workers (who traditionally fill many office support jobs in London) are leaving and not attracted to London work at the moment.

We can prepare for some of this by scoping out opportunity. In an arena of uncertainty, temporary jobs in London are booming. These roles enable businesses to weather the uncertainty without compromising their current performance. And yes, whilst these roles were filled often by EU workers, we’ve now got greater opportunity for others to take up the mantel. Temporary office support jobs in London are a way for employers to face looming Brexit changes safely.

However, it’s also important to recognise that Brexit isn’t happening in a vacuum. Unemployment is at its lowest rate for years. There is a talent shortage. As such, employers need to understand this as much as they fear Brexit.

The candidate’s picture

Candidates have an interesting conundrum facing them in terms of Brexit. Change always means opportunities. However, the uncertainty is also leading many to stay put in currently secure roles.

Yet candidates mustn’t lose sight of the fact that now is a fantastic time for candidates. Office support jobs in London and many temporary roles have traditionally been filled by a large number of EU workers. With Brexit uncertainty, these roles can no longer rely on recruitment from these same avenues. This works to your advantage if you want to change roles. You’ll be able to achieve more choice and determine your own conditions and employment environment more easily.

This is exacerbated by the talent shortage we see at present. With low unemployment, employers must do all they can to attract the best candidates.

It’s not over yet

Thanks to Brexit, things aren’t going to stabilise in recruitment for some time yet—whatever happens next month. We need to weather the interim period and take advantage of the opportunities that arise.


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