Brexit – What Now? How Is Brexit Affecting Job Seekers?

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As a London recruitment agency that fills both permanent and temporary jobs, the last thing we want to do is jangle those Brexit nerves again. After all, it’s not long since we last talked about Brexit. And we certainly don’t want to introduce more Brexit reading that can cure insomnia by repeating the same old concerns and rhetoric. However, as much as we’d love to find a blissful corner of the world where Brexit isn’t a headline, the reality remains that it very much is, so let’s take a look…

What’s happening with Brexit?

The pace of change and development over all things Brexit is uncanny given how little we actually know—still. And we won’t know for a while. But the reality is that Brexit and its current bog of uncertainty is impacting on job seekers now. There’s no escaping that fact. So, if you’re a job seeker, specifically if you’re looking for office support jobs in London, you’re probably wondering what the situation means for you. More importantly, the question is, what can you do to Brexit-proof your own career?

The current state of play

Let’s take a fresh look at how the jobs market is currently being affected by Brexit. At the moment, data shows that net EU migration fell by 95% last year. In practical terms, this means fewer EU workers to take on certain roles. A recent CIPD survey paints this picture further: 70% of employers reported that vacancies are hard to fill—higher than last summer and higher still from last spring.

It has also emerged that over 250 businesses are liaising with the Dutch government about moving to the Netherlands. This adds more names to the biggies such as Panasonic who have announced they are upping and leaving for Amsterdam. At the start of 2017, just 80 businesses were considering this move.

The bad news

So, what does this mean if you’re looking for temporary jobs or PA jobs in London? We’d love to say that there’s no bad news about Brexit and the job market. But we’d be lying. The biggest problem is simply a result of the uncertainty, which is hanging around like a bad smell. Once businesses get some clarity, then the jobs market will begin to stabilise and the pieces will fall into place. Unfortunately, when this will happen is uncertain.

The good news

It’s not all bad news though. EU workers often fill temporary jobs in London, and take on some office support roles. With the number of EU workers falling, opportunities for local talent is rising. This is particularly the case for temporary work, and there’s lots of temporary opportunities, as employers operating in an uncertain market are more inclined to use temporary workers to fill roles until they know what’s going on. You can find out why temporary workers are the bees knees right now here.

For those seeking permanent roles, it’s also not all bad news. A good PA is always worth their weight in gold. Being a PA is a skilled role that is perhaps more important than ever. As employers tackle the skills shortage, it puts you—the awesome PA job seeker—in a good position to drive your career.

Get tailored advice

What we do recommend is that you get tailored advice for your situation. It’s all very well spouting statistics and general trends, but you need specific advice for your job search and career goals. If you want help Brexit-proofing your career, call us, your London recruitment agency, on 020 7870 7177.


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