Beat the New Year Blues – New Job, New Start, New You!

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You’ve gallantly made it past Blue Monday, but the New Year blues are still here. Yes, they drag on through the first month of the year, but it’s not unusual for them to still be lingering come February. So, let’s do something about it and kick those blues into touch with a new job, new start, and new you. As a leading PA recruitment agency with an abundance of jobs in London waiting for your attention, we’ve got the solution.

Shake it up

The biggest problem we see at this time of year is the rut of normal life. The new year blues often stem from monotony and lack of change. This can hit PAs particularly hard. And why is that? Because let’s face it, December is like living on energy drinks—a veritable mix of excitement, deadlines, and social events. Then, January rolls around and your job is suddenly a treadmill of mundane tasks that you’ve performed, exceptionally, for the last three Januarys.

The reality for many PAs is that you can’t just climb the ladder within the same business, because you’re dedicated to supporting an individual, your boss. Your loyalty lies with them, and what’s more, there may not be other PA career opportunities within the business. So, you need to grab hold of opportunity and go knocking. It’s time for change.

How to find PA jobs in London at this time of year

You may be concerned that the recruitment market isn’t exactly at its most buoyant at this time of year. But think again. Spring may be the traditional time for job seekers to come out of hibernation, but employers are thinking about those roles right now. This means that if you want to cherry pick the best PA jobs in London, you need to get cracking sooner rather than later. At Love Success PA recruitment agency, we make that easy. Pop in a few details and upload your CV here and we’ll have you well on the road to the new job and a new you in no time.

Helping to banish blues along the way

We know that job seeking, whilst exhilarating at times, can cause some concerns. To banish those New Year blues, keep in mind that looking for a new job isn’t a standalone activity. Whilst you begin your job search, why not try a few of these suggestions to improve your chance of success, and keep those blues at bay?

  • Meet a friend to look at your CV: Stop making excuses, pop a date in the diary, and ask your trusted friend to take a quick look at your CV whilst you’re enjoying social time. Don’t forget to use our tips here to make your CV stand out.
  • Get uploading: To start securing a new job and a new you, it’s as simple as uploading your CV today. No hassle, and it takes almost no time.
  • Practice interview techniques with your partner: Spend an evening tossing questions back and forth with your other half to practise getting into interview mode.
  • Take a relaxing walk as you consider your options: Give some thought to which PA jobs in London you should be aiming for this year.

If you feel stuck in a rut, now is the perfect time to get in touch with us, your leading London PA recruitment agency. Specialising in PA and office support jobs in London, we can help you find a new job to banish those New Year blues!


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