The Rise of Contractors and Temporary Workers

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There’s an increasing need for workers to fill temporary jobs in London and around the rest of the country. Both contractors and temporary workers are now in high demand in the UK workforce for a number of reasons. So why is there such a drive towards the temporary employment market? As a leading London office support recruitment agency, we’re looking at some of the reasons behind this change.

Covering for vacancies

One of the primary reasons that contractors and temporary workers are required is as cover. It can be because a vacancy is currently being advertised, or a candidate has been selected who can’t take up the post straight away. The duties and job role still have to be carried out, but only for a short period until the position is permanently filled.

Emergency cover

At our recruitment agency, a common reason for temp workers that we see is the need for emergency cover. This may be to cover a permanent employee’s holiday, maternity leave, compassionate leave, jury service, or sickness. Often, these requests come in at the last minute and can be anything from a day or two up to several months.

Short-term workload increase

Often, businesses have an unexpected peak in workload. Therefore, short-term support is required from contractors or temporary workers who can manage that additional work. Many temporary office support jobs in London fit into this category. In some companies, seasonal workload peaks mean temporary and contract staff are required. For example, the weeks before Christmas are a seasonal peak when fixed-term contracts and temporary staff can resolve a short-term need.

Recruitment of permanent staff members

As a leading PA recruitment agency, one of the reasons why companies approach us for temporary staff is to find out whether a candidate could be the perfect permanent employee for their organisation. Many permanent PA jobs in London begin this way, as employees start out on a fixed-term contract, then become engaged as a permanent member of staff.

A specialist project

If a company has a highly specialised project underway, which is outside the scope of their existing team, they often approach an employment agency to find a suitably qualified candidate for a fixed-term contract. Once the project is complete, the temporary staff member is no longer required and can then move on to another company.

Finding temp jobs and temp workers

As a leading London recruitment agency, we are specialists in placing highly qualified staff with some of the top companies in the country. If you’re looking for a new temporary position, fixed-term contract, or permanent job, we can help. Or if you run a company and need skilled and reliable temporary or permanent staff, we’re here to help fulfil your requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to achieve your career goals or to improve the function of your organisation.


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