Considering a Job Change? These are the 5 Best Office Careers of 2019

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It’s the Monday after “Career Crossroads Day”—the day when most UK employees evaluate their job and career. In fact, 46% of UK workers are set to reconsider their career in mid-Jan. As a leading London office support recruitment agency, we keep a close eye on the jobs market to keep you informed. So, if you’re thinking of switching jobs or looking for a new career, one of these office jobs might just be the opportunity for you in 2019.


From marketing assistants and executives through to analyst-level, the role that marketing plays in 2019 will be huge. Companies rely on marketing to gain and retain customers. Skills required in marketing roles include excellent communication, understanding data insights, and being savvy with social media and CRM systems. Digital skills are in high demand in 2019.


With increasing numbers of senior-level workers and managers retiring, there’s room at the top for a new wave of managers. In every industry, managers are needed to take organisations forward and lead teams to achieve success in an ever-changing landscape. If you’ve got strong leadership, motivation, strategic, and communication skills, it might be time to get on the managerial ladder.

Human Resources

The role of HR in business is becoming ever more important, helping companies to find and retain staff, ensure compliance to employment laws, report correctly to the government, support managers, and understand how to engage employees. From entry-level HR assistant positions to HR advisors and consultants, there will be an increased demand for HR staff in 2019.

Finance & Accounting

A skills shortage in this area and tech advancements means lots of opportunities for those interested in joining the finance industry. From company and regulatory accountants to financial planners and analysts, there is much demand for candidates—especially at junior and graduate level—and very promising salaries. Skills required include technical know-how data analysis, and collaborative communication.

PAs & EAs

Over the last decade, the PA role has changed dramatically. What used to be a purely secretarial position now requires business and management skills. PAs and EAs not only need key office skills, but also diverse skills such as event planning, diary management, company liaison, and team budgeting. As such, salaries for PA jobs in London have increased substantially. As the leading London PA recruitment agency, we place many skilled candidates in roles with top UK companies every year.

Get in touch

If you’re looking for a new job or change of career in 2019, we may have just the job for you. We have a wide range of temp and permanent jobs in London, from EA and PA jobs to office support jobs across many industries. So if you want to get your foot in the door of a new industry, get in touch with our team of recruitment experts today and start your 2019 on the right foot.


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