The Millennial Secret: How to Motivate 30-Somethings at Work

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The workforce is slowly shifting, and millennials (your 20- and 30-somethings) are starting to make up the bulk of the labour force. The question puzzling business owners is what makes this part of your workforce tick? How do you motivate them and retain them? As a leading London recruitment agency, we can help you find the answers…

Modern values

Just a few decades ago, motivation in the workplace was relatively simple. Employees wanted job security and a regular income. Nowadays, staff want a company that reflects their own personal values. In fact, many employees under 30 would sacrifice salary to work for a company that shares their values.

So, what are these values? Millennials want to work for a company that is conscientious about the environment and social justice. One that promotes collaborative efforts, values education and learning, and engages in open communication. A place that allows them to be skeptical and ask questions. To motivate and keep your millennials, you need to build these values into your organisation.

Core culture

Through the success of Facebook and Shopify, millennials believe that work should be a fun, exciting place to be. They’re looking for a culture or a place to belong. Work isn’t just a place to be from 9-5 anymore—but part of their work-life balance. As such, it needs to be a place where they feel they can express themselves, have a purpose, and receive consistent feedback.

Does your company offer this type of culture? Many businesses have strict protocols, a large gap between employees and the big picture, and standard annual performance reviews. Sound familiar? If so, then it’s time to re-evaluate your culture because it won’t work for your staff much longer.

Meaningful mentoring

Speaking of the big picture, it’s time to abandon micro-management. Your 30-somethings don’t want someone watching over their shoulder, and that goes for temporary jobs too. Staff want the opportunity to try and fail, and a mentor to help them learn. Someone to guide them when they have questions, but that gives them the space to try new strategies and approaches.

Are your managers micro-managers or mentors? Managers need to have confidence in their experience and use this to guide staff to achieve success. In other words, managers who are less ‘boss’ and more ‘mentor’ lead to happier employees who are willing to work hard for the business.

Find your next stars

The workforce is changing, and you need to adapt if you want to retain your best staff—and find the next stars to fill your vacancies. Offer more than just a payslip and you’ll get the best out of your millennials. If you need to fill temporary or permanent jobs in London, then get in touch with our team of recruitment experts today and we’ll find you the perfect candidate.  


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