Understanding the Next Generation of Your Workforce - Gen Z

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According to the Office for National Statistics, Generation Z will make up 30% of the workforce by 2025. As such, knowing how to recruit and retain this key sector of the workforce will become increasingly more important. As a leading London recruitment agency, we make a point of understanding the different needs of our candidates, so today we’ll talk about Generation Z.

How does Generation Z differ?

Generation Z are considered to be those born around or after the year 2000. Having grown up in a radically different social and technological environment, this generation poses a unique set of challenges and circumstances compared to previous generations. A key observation made by researchers is that today’s 16-22 year olds are less satisfied and lack in confidence compared to older generations.

What does this mean?

Knowing these key differences between Gen Z and previous generations helps employers looking to recruit or retain this section of their workforce. Understanding how to make them feel more confident or improve their morale will give you the upper hand when it comes to recruitment. To help your workforce feel at ease, it’s essential to understand how their minds work, the expectations they have of their employers, and the factors they prioritise.

What does Generation Z want in the workplace?

One of the biggest expectations of Gen Z is for a workplace environment to be inclusive and tolerant of different genders, races, religions, and sexualities. Likewise, they expect a workplace that reflects the social and academic groups they’re accustomed to and accepted social norms.

What does Generation Z want from their employer?

Gen Z expects their job to serve their long-term career, whether it’s through upskilling or networking. They see jobs as platforms for their career progression. They want companies to treat them like individuals. And they are keenly perceptive in using social and emotional intelligence to figure out when this an employer isn’t being genuine.

How can we address this?

At our inclusive London recruitment agency, we believe it’s vital to with and for young people—in helping them find the jobs they want and achieving career progression that suits them. We are also committed to helping companies reach out to a demographic that they may not otherwise engage with.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re part of Gen Z or any generation, we understand the importance of your career. So if you’re looking for PA jobs, temporary jobs, or office support jobs in London, get in touch today. We’re dedicated to making sure your needs are met, and that the roles we place you in will help you develop new skills and progress even further.


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