The Top 5 Key Traits of Successful Job Seekers

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Job hunting can be a daunting prospect. But to reduce time and stress and put yourself ahead of the competition, you can adopt the characteristics of successful jobseekers. At our leading London PA recruitment agency, we know what makes a great candidate, so here are the top five key traits that will help you land your next PA or office support job in London.

1. Effective planning

The best jobseekers in the capital plan their job hunt to have the best chance of success. To write an effective job-hunting plan, start with the key things you want to achieve from your job search, such as stepping up from a TA role to a PA job within the next 2 months. Then set yourself smaller goals, deliverables, and a timescale, such as gaining new kills. That way, you’ll be prepared to act quickly if a suitable role comes up, as the best office support and PA jobs in London tend to get snapped up quickly!

2. Adaptability

An effective job seeker also knows that things don’t always go to plan. As such, if your job search isn't working out, adjust your plan and try a different approach. Maybe you can take a temporary job before making the step up to the next level. Evaluate your CV and interview method to see where you can make improvements. Being adaptable is vital if you want the best chance of landing office support and PA jobs in London.

3. Self-awareness

Successful job seekers are very self-aware—they know their strengths and the value they could bring to a business. To be a successful job seeker, you need to truly know what you want to do—that will bring you the most satisfaction and the greatest sense of purpose. You need to understand what skills and experience you can offer, and how you’d like your career to move forward. Having clarity about your goals and ambitions will help you, whether you’re applying for a temporary job to further your career or your dream PA job in London.

4. Positivity

The most successful job seekers know that rejections aren’t the end of the world. Whilst it can be tough to get so far into the hiring process only to lose out to another candidate, use this as a learning experience to do better next time. Likewise, effective job seekers aren’t afraid to aim high in their job search, applying for roles they know they might not get. Applying for jobs above your pay grade won’t just give you valuable interview practice, but it can also help you connect with useful new contacts.

5. Willingness to get help

Job seeking can be a lengthy and lonely process, so effective job seekers know the value of getting help from others. Ask friends if you can practice your interview technique on them. Attend networking events and make new contacts. You might want to enlist the help of a top recruitment agency that specialises in PA and office support jobs in London. At Love Success, we can help you find temporary and permanent jobs in the capital.


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