How to Use LinkedIn in the Right Way, not like Instagram or Facebook

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LinkedIn can be a highly useful tool for job seeking, helping you develop a strong network of connections and tap into business opportunities and new ventures. However, it can be tempting to use it in a similar fashion to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, which isn’t best for business. Here’s some advice on how not to use LinkedIn from our leading London office support recruitment agency.  

Attract potential employers

LinkedIn is a professional forum that’s often the first point of call for anyone thinking of hiring you. This means you need to be careful about what you post on your profile. Take a step back and assess your profile from the perspective of a potential employer. Whether you’re seeking PA jobs, EA jobs, or other office support jobs in London, you need to demonstrate you're a highly competent and confident professional.

Use an appropriate profile picture

LinkedIn isn’t a traditional social media site, so pick a profile picture where you look well-presented and professional, not on a night out with friends or by the pool. Remember, your profile picture is the first thing people will see on your profile, so it’s vital that you come across well. If you don’t, potential employers will immediately click away.

Post relevant content

LinkedIn targets a completely different audience to sites like Facebook. When people hang out on Facebook or Pinterest, they want to be entertained or amused, whereas on LinkedIn, they’re looking to enhance their career or achieve a specific business goal. This means they'll find irrelevant content an annoying distraction. Make sure everything you post is relevant and offers useful information, so you come across as professional and focused.

Avoid divisive subjects

Talking about divisive subjects such as politics or religion on LinkedIn is a sure-fire way to alienate potential employers. LinkedIn is essentially an extension of the work environment, so it's not the place for controversial topics. Discriminating on the grounds of religion or politics is illegal, but if a potential employer doesn't agree with your beliefs, they may be less likely to hire you for permanent or temporary jobs within their company.

Get expert help

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