How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance between the Office and Family

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Whether you work in fast-paced PA jobs, busy receptionist roles, or challenging EA jobs, it can be difficult to balance the demands of your work life with your home life. When you work long hours, you may feel too tired to enjoy your spare time, or that you don’t get to spend enough quality time with loved ones. At our award-winning London recruitment agency, we’re huge advocates of getting a good work-life balance, so here are our top tips to improve yours!

Have a clear divide

The first step in improving your work-life balance is having a clear line between the two. One hack is when you get back from the office, immediately have a shower to wash away the office day, and get changed into “home clothes”. Then relax for 10 minutes to get yourself into “home mode”. This can help you draw a clearer distinction between home and office life.

No emails outside work

Recent studies show that 54% of UK workers check work emails on the commute in, and 1 in 3 even check their emails in the middle of the night. A big part of drawing a clear line between home and the office is switching off work phones and laptops when you’re not at work. Even if you work in EA or PA jobs where your boss needs regular access to you, it’s important to set clear “downtime” hours to keep your work-life balance intact.

Switch off

In fact, you might want to unplug completely—not just from work emails, but any screens such as laptops, iPads, TVs, and smartphones. This way, you give your eyes and brain a rest from looking at screens all day. Put your phone away and spend quality time with family, relaxing, or doing exercise. Cutting yourself off from the digital world for a few hours can free up mental capacity for other ideas, thoughts, and activities.

Plan family time

To spend more quality time with loved ones, it’s a good idea to dedicate at least one evening a week to nothing but family activities. This will give everyone a regular routine and something to look forward to every week. Spending every evening at home watching television can become boring, so arrange post-work or weekend activities with your family away from the house if you can.

Plan me time

Working long hours in PA jobs and other roles can lead you to feel overwhelmed by your workload, tipping the balance towards work. To reclaim your home life, try booking “me” time into your calendar each week to unwind. It might be taking a long bath or a walk, having a massage, or doing something else to look after your physical and mental health. Although you might be tired after work, being active improves mental health, whether it’s an exercise class, a running club, swimming, or yoga.

Schedule regular breaks

When you work in demanding EA or PA jobs, it’s important to schedule regular time off to give yourself a break. Try to avoid working through your lunch break and go outside to get some fresh air instead. Plan your annual leave to fall at regular intervals. If your work-life balance has got so bad that you’re experiencing signs of burnout, book some time off as soon as possible to improve your wellbeing.

Time to move on?

If you’re unhappy with your current job and can’t see things improving, it might be time to look for a new role or a fresh start. At our leading London office support recruitment agency, we can help you find a job with the right work-life balance for you, as we place candidates in a wide range of temporary and permanent, full-time and part-time, and flexible working jobs. Feel free to get in touch with the team today.


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