Staying Focused Before and After Your Summer Holiday

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With the bank holiday weekend coming up and a few weeks left of the school summer break, many UK workers are embracing their last chance for a summer holiday this year. But in the excitement of going away, productivity levels in the office can drop. At our top London recruitment agency, we love a summer holiday as much as any office worker, but we also love to see efficient offices in the run-up to holidays, so here are our tips to ensure you stay focused and before and after your break!

Challenge yourself
Rather than counting down the days and minutes until your holiday, it’s better to stay busy. Set yourself a challenge to focus on, such as an essential but difficult task you’ve been putting off or a new challenge. Ask your boss whether there’s a job that requires urgent attention for just this week, so you can finish it before you go. While it can be tempting to mentally check out, doing something challenging will absorb your attention pre-holiday and make the time go faster.

Wrap it up

While it’s best to keep yourself busy, that doesn’t mean rushing around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done before holiday! It isn’t an ideal start to your downtime if you’re cramming in work until the last possible minute before you leave the office. Make sure you plan achievable tasks for the week before holiday so you won’t be worrying about them while you’re away. If necessary, hand any bigger jobs to other team members that won’t get completed before you go.

Get organised

No one likes coming back from a relaxing holiday to a disorganised office, so make sure you prepare for your return in advance. If you work in office support jobs, EA or PA jobs, or receptionist roles, make sure you set an out of office, your answerphone, and let people know who to contact in your absence. Make sure your inbox is clear, your filing is filed, and you have a list of tasks to work on when you return. That way, your return will be smooth and stress-free.

Plan a nice return

To avoid the “post-holiday blues”, plan a day or two back at home before you return to the office, rather than heading straight in the day after you fly or drive back. Don’t plan arduous tasks or tons of meetings for your first day back in the office. For the first few weeks after your holiday, make sure you have some nice things to look forward to, such as dinner out with friends, an office outing, or a concert. Planning fun things can make returning to work much more pleasant.

Time to book a holiday? 

One way to get over a holiday is to book another one! Likewise, if you don’t have a holiday planned but are envious of your colleagues’ holiday plans, then maybe it’s time to get booking. You don’t have to venture far if time or money is an issue, but you can relax in a different setting even on a limited budget. Going on holiday or taking a break can improve your motivation and productivity levels when you return to work, giving you the chance to recharge.

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