How to Work from Home Efficiently

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Over time, more and more people are working from home—either on a self-employed basis or for their employers. This working from home trend has increased as technology has enabled office-based duties to be completed outside the office. While some people find it easier to work from home due to the lack of distractions, others find it more difficult. Here are the top tips on staying focused and efficient when working from home with our leading London recruitment agency.

If you work for an employer

If you work for a company and are allowed to work from home, then start by reading their homeworking policy to know what’s expected of you, what you can expect from them, and any health and safety advice. Make sure you have contact information for your employer, manager, and anyone you’re collaborating with—and that they can access you too. Especially if you work in EA or PA jobs where your boss may need to get in touch quickly.

Set up your environment

Just like you would in an office, you need to set up an efficient homeworking environment. This includes a reliable internet connection, an ergonomic, office chair, and any equipment. If other people are at home during the day, try to find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Ensure adequate sunlight and air in your workspace. Some people find that music, radio, and TV help them focus, while others find them distracting, so figure out what works for you.

Keeping work separate

Likewise, you need to keep your work and home life separate, so don’t be tempted to do chores such as cleaning during work hours, and stay away from social media. Many people create a clear space where they won’t be distracted by household appliances and home-based demands. It can also be helpful to dress as you would in the office, as this can get you in the right mindset.

Stay on track

Even though you’re not in the office, you need to stay on top of your workload, so keep a record of everything you’ve achieved during the working day, particularly if you work in fast-paced office support jobs. If you’ve done less than you would in the office, then homeworking may not be for you. To stay on track, it’s best to plan tomorrow’s tasks as your last job of each day.

Figure out your hours

Some people find it hard to make a distinction between work and spare time when working from home. For many people, it’s best to stick to normal working hours, even if you’re self-employed. However, others find they’re more productive early in the morning or in the evening, so figure out what works for you, and check that your boss is happy with those hours if you’re employed.

Remember to take breaks
Breaks are incredibly important in avoiding tiredness. Although you may be tempted to push through for hours on end, taking an hour for lunch can be highly beneficial in recharging your batteries. If you find you experience cabin fever when working from home, head outside for your break and get some fresh air.

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