How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

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For most workers, their boss isn’t their best friend. However, most people want to get along with their manager, as a bad boss relationship can make working life intolerable. When morale is low, productivity can take a substantial hit, so businesses rely on mutually-beneficial relationships between bosses and their workers. Thankfully, you can restore harmony in the worker-boss relationship, and at our leading London recruitment agency, we’ll show you how…

Better communication
One major step to improving the relationship is communicating more effectively. Ask your boss for a weekly one-to-one with them. By holding regular conversations with your boss, you can let them know what’s happening in the business and ensure they know about anything you’re struggling with. If you have an issue, bring it up in a calm and collected manner, and be open and honest with them.

Show enthusiasm
One way to make the more relationship positive is being enthusiastic about your role, taking pride in your work, and adding value to the business. You can also show enthusiasm by offering to take on new challenges, volunteering for additional tasks if they’re offered, and providing your take on a situation.

Go the extra mile

We all want to be great employees, and you can foster a good business relationship with your boss by going the extra mile. Turn up on time, work to the best of your ability, and accept any mistakes you’ve made. Be flexible when work demands are at their highest, by offering to work late or arrive early to ensure key tasks are completed.

Pay attention

Sometimes, the problem is different communication or working styles. To improve this, spend time observing your boss and how they react to specific situations. You can then adapt your approach to meet their style better. Showing interest in your boss’ wellbeing can also be helpful. Not all bosses appreciate this, but you’ll be amazed by how many value employees that care. Remember, you’re not aiming to become close friends with your boss, but the working atmosphere can be vastly improved if there is trust, care, and good communication in the relationship.

Is it time to move on?
If all else fails or you feel you’re being treated unfairly by your boss, then talk to your HR department or union for advice. You might also want to look for a new role or new employer to feel valued and appreciated. If you need help finding temporary or permanent jobs in London, office support roles, PA jobs, or something else, then get in touch with our team of recruitment experts and we can help find the perfect role for you.

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