How to Have Better Relationships with Your Colleagues

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We spend much of our time at work—and it’s far more enjoyable when we have great relationships with our colleagues. Likewise, if workplace relationships go sour, our productivity and happiness levels can take a tumble. Whether you’re starting a new job and want to build positive relationships quickly or you’ve been in your job for a while and want to improve them, follow these relationship-building tips from our top London office support recruitment agency.

Be the change

While it’s tempting to wait for the other side to act first, often nobody wants to make the first move in improving the relationship. It’s worth remembering that if you work in a full-time job, you’ll be spending more than 30 hours with your colleagues every week, so it’s really important to start making changes. If there’s been friction with colleagues in the past, offer an olive branch by apologising first and asking to move on.

Make a kind gesture

One step you can take is to ask your colleagues whether there’s anything you can assist them with. Even if your colleagues don’t need a hand with work, you can improve morale and relationships by taking in tasty treats, offering to make a hot drinks, and asking your colleagues how they are. If someone seems upset, ask them whether there’s anything you can do to help, but don’t persist if they don’t want to talk about it.

Observe the workplace culture

If you’re struggling to fit into the office culture, spend time observing your workplace and seeing how your colleagues interact with each other. This can be particularly useful when you’ve just started a new job, so you can match your behaviour to theirs. Listening to conversations can help you work out what your colleagues’ interests are, find shared interests, and strike up conversations with them.

Better communication

If communication has been an issue, practise the art of eye contact and active listening so you can show you’re genuinely interested in what the other person is saying. Try to avoid interrupting colleagues when they’re speaking, and if it’s urgent such as in PA or EA jobs, interrupt politely. Steer clear of potentially offensive topics, and respect your colleague’s privacy by not asking personal questions.

Good office etiquette

There are also simple things you can do to show your respect for others, such as cleaning up after yourself in the kitchen, not borrowing colleagues’ office equipment without asking, and staying away from work when you’re ill. If you have issues inside the workplace or outside, try not to air them in the office. Try to always be positive, approachable, and helpful in the office to create a harmonious environment for everyone.

Avoid the water cooler

Not literally, of course, but it’s essential to avoid workplace gossip if you want to have positive relationships with your co-workers. Negative comments can be toxic in the workplace and have a detrimental effect on productivity and morale. Even if those around you are gossiping or trying to draw you into it, don’t get involved.

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