Top Technology Tools for Remote Working

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If you’re a PA or work in temp PA jobs, you may be required to work remotely from time to time—whether it’s working from home, or while you’re away on a business trip with your boss. Working remotely is becoming increasingly common, and advances in technology are making it much easier. It’s now possible for those in PA jobs and office support roles to effectively support their boss’s needs from afar. So here are the top remote working tools used at our leading London recruitment agency…


Slack is a remote chat tool that has transformed the way many companies communicate. It allows teams to connect over various platforms, such as websites, tablets, or phones. Unlike email, it can be used to send quick messages to executives, colleagues, and other members of the team, enabling synchronous, real-time communication. It’s a great way for PAs to keep in touch with their boss while working remotely, and collaborate with colleagues on team projects.

Google Apps for Work

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know about Google Apps for Work. It’s the go-to application for remote teams these days. It enables teams to collaborate in real time on documents, which is extremely practical and convenient. It’s simple to use and everything is backed up on Google Drive, which can be easily accessed everywhere.


If you work remotely or support remote workers, you could benefit greatly from using Scanbot. This tool allows you to create high-quality scans quickly and easily within your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Scanbot captures a scanned document perfectly, cropping it, straightening it and applying a filter. Scanbot can also scan QR codes, labels, bar codes, whiteboards, sketchbooks, business cards, and more.


If remote team members are located in various cities or countries, scheduling a conference call can be difficult. It can be even more challenging if you’re dealing with different time zones. Fortunately, Doodle helps you find the right time for a group of people to meet, simplifying the scheduling process by using a polling system. If you need to arrange a conference call, simply send a link to the Doodle app and ask colleagues to select the dates and times they’re available. Then you can choose the time that’s most popular with the attendees.

Many businesses state that is the best remote assistance tool available. It’s a video and audio conferencing platform with features for businesses, teams, and individuals. uses video bubbles, which are simple, floating visual images of you and whoever you’re meeting. The software doesn’t need to be downloaded, so if your company is strict about downloading external programmes, you can still use this tool to make conference calls.

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