A Week in the Life of a Top London PA - Thursday

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If you've ever wanted to get an insight into what a PA job really entails, then stay tuned this week as one of the top London PAs from our leading PA recruitment agency gives you an all-access look into a week in her life...

A Week in the Life of a Love Success PA: Thursday

7.45am: Today, the team have an employment law update training session that I organised, so I have to get in early to check everything runs smoothly. I’m not a morning person and I don’t enjoy getting in this early!

8am: There’s a lot of running around to do first thing. I call up the caterers and check that all is okay with the lunch I’ve booked, check there’s no urgent emails or voicemails to deal with, and deal with a few phone calls.

8.15am: Then I run to the training room, which is freezing, sort out the air con, and re-arrange the chairs to better suit the format. I set out some felt tips and paper for the practical exercises and turn the tech on for the trainer’s presentation.

8.30am: I know the trainer will arrive soon, so I head down to reception to welcome her, rather than her having to wait for me. When she arrives, we head upstairs and I make her a coffee while she gets set up.

8.40am: She’s having trouble connecting to the network, but luckily I asked her to email me a copy last night as a back-up, so she can still access it. Thinking ahead of the game and anticipating problems is a big thing I’ve learned working in PA jobs!

8.50am: Most of the team have arrived in the office, so I gently encourage them to make their drinks quickly, put their out of office and voicemails on, and head into the room, which is a bit like herding cats!

When I started here, I set up a process for an emergency mobile in case anything major happens while everyone’s out of the office, with a rota for the designated emergency person. I’ve come to learn that what makes a great PA isn’t just helping your boss, but trying to improve the whole office.

9am: The training starts without a hitch, and it’s fascinating! One of the great things about my job here is getting to attend training sessions, even though they don’t directly relate to my role. Becky likes to upskill her staff, and it also helps if I understand the technical side of what she does.

10.45am: In the tea break, I go back to the office to check we haven’t missed any major emails and pick up a phone call about an important issue that needs an advisor immediately, so I have to take one of the advisors out of the training to resolve it. I do offer to take thorough notes for her though.

12.25pm: I sneak out to check that the lunch has arrived from the catering company. On training days, I find that it’s nice for everyone to have lunch together.

1pm: The afternoon session is practical, and the team really enjoy it!

3pm: Since we’ve been out of the office most of the day, it’s all-hands-on-deck, and the phones ring off the hook until home time. I’ve got a barrage of emails to reply to and a stack of post to sort. It’s crazy how much builds up in just a few hours!

5.30pm: I stay a bit late to plough through the emails and phone calls as I don’t want to leave them until tomorrow and be on the back-foot. It’s been a long day, so I’ll be glad to get home!

Stay tuned to find out more about a week in the life of a Top London PA. If this sounds like your dream job and you're looking for temporary or permanent PA jobs, get in touch with the team at Love Success today.

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