Top Tips on How to Write a Winning Cover Letter

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If you’re looking for your next temporary PA opportunity, a new office support role, or that top London PA job—then you need a cover letter that wins over the hiring managers. Having a compelling CV and a stellar interview technique is wasted if your cover letter is less than great! Sadly, the thought of writing a cover letter fills most people with dread. As a leading London PA recruitment agency, we’ve seen our fair share of brilliant and terrible cover letters, so we’ll give you some top tips to write a brilliant cover letter.

#1 Tailored not generic

One of the biggest mistakes that job applicants make is sending a generic cover letter for every job vacancy. Hiring managers can see straight through this, and it doesn’t reflect well if you haven’t taken the time to tailor your application for that job vacancy. You need to tailor your cover letter for each job you apply for, matching your skills and experience to the specific job requirements, even if you’re applying for multiple PA jobs.

#2 Don’t waffle

Another common error is cover letters that go on for pages and pages! Remember that each vacancy attracts numerous applicants, so don’t waste the hiring manager’s time by waffling unnecessarily or telling them about things that aren’t relevant to the job. Keep it short and sweet, covering the main points in a succinct way. If you find yourself on page 2, you’ve gone too far!

#3 Person to person

Remember you’re writing to another human, not a computer. Call the company or recruiter and ask who you should address the cover letter to. This comes across better than a generic “To whom it may concern” and shows you’ve taken the time. You also need to show you’re a real person, not just a list of skills. Don’t go overboard with it, but do inject a little personality.

#4 Results not just skills

While you obviously need to demonstrate you have the skills to do the job, it’s also really important to show what you’ve achieved. Think about how you’ve made a difference in the roles you’ve worked in and the tangible results you’ve delivered. This shows managers what you can do for their company and the value you can add, rather than just the tasks you’re able to complete.

#5 Why them?

An often-overlooked aspect in cover letters is why you want to work for that particular company. Research them and see what you like about them. Tell them what attracted you to work for them. Maybe it’s their commitment to sustainability, their input in the local community, or their amazing reputation? Hiring managers want to know that you don’t just want a job—but that you know what the company stands for, will fit in with the company culture, and share their vision.

#5 Get help

It goes without saying that you should always proofread your cover letter, but if you’re struggling with this, ask an eagle-eyed friend or family member for their help. If you’d like more help with cover letters and CVs, or help finding temporary or permanent PA jobs, office support roles, and more in London, then get in touch with the team at Love Success today!


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