How to Make Your Skills More Interesting on Your CV

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Whether you’re applying for temporary or permanent PA jobs, office support roles, or something else—chances are that you’ll need a compelling CV to bag an interview! However, with the number of applicants competing to fill each vacancy, you need a CV that enables you to stand out from the crowd. While these are skills that are required, the generic “great communication and organisation skills” can be very boring for hiring managers to read. As a top London PA recruitment agency, we know how to write a great CV, so today we’ll show you how to make your skills more interesting.

“Effective communicator”

Of course, PA jobs and receptionist jobs require ace communication and interpersonal skills, but you can convey this more creatively on your CV by thinking in terms of the outcomes of this skill. Rather than just saying “Effective communicator”, explain what you do, such as “Able to resolve conflicts”, “Delivers compelling presentations to stakeholders”, or “Reduced customer complaints by 20%”. Think about how these apply to the role, so in receptionist jobs, “Ensuring a welcoming experience when meeting and greeting visitors to the business” or “Delivering a professional and warm welcome to the office to all guests”.


It’s essential to be extremely organised in any PA or EA job, but it doesn’t have to sound so dull! Think about how you’re organised and how this relates to the specific role, such as “Able to research, plan, and coordinate projects on time and in budget”, “Managing and coordinating multiple team and manager diaries and inboxes”, or “Skilled in planning and arranging travel itineraries, visas, and logistics.”

 “Team player”

Every hiring manager wants a “team player”, but what does this really mean? Again, think about how being a great team worker enables you to succeed in your current role. For example, “Flourishes in collaborative working environments”, “Contributes and collaborates to ensure the success of team projects”, and “Motivates and supports other team members to succeed.”

 “A great leader”

If you’re applying for office manager jobs or other roles that involve leadership, you need to explain what makes you a great leader. For example, “Identifying skills gaps and up-skilling team members to succeed”, “Supporting and motivating the team to deliver projects on time”, or “Resolving team conflicts and ensuring a pleasant working environment for all team members.”

When you’ve re-designed your skills to be more outcome-focused, don’t forget to proofread your CV and check your skills against the job description. If you’d like more tips on how to write a great CV, or how to find top PA jobs in London or further afield, get in touch with the team at Love Success PA recruitment agency today.


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