How to Settle into a New Role Easily: When You've Got a New Job

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Starting a new job is exciting, but it can also be nervewracking for most people. You’re likely to be concerned about making a good first impression with your boss and other colleagues, remembering everyone’s names, and understanding the business culture. There’s a lot to think about as you sit down at your desk ready to begin your first day on the job. Whether it’s a new PA job, executive assistant position, or a junior office support role, these guidelines can help you to settle into your new role with ease.

Accept that you won’t know everything right away

If you’ve come from an organisation where you knew your role inside out and you had the business dynamics figured out, starting a new role can be a strange feeling. It can cause lots of unease and even a sense of insecurity. However, you’re not expected to know everything right away, and you can rest assured that it won’t be long before you’re calling your new colleagues ‘friends’. If you’re a PA or receptionist, and it takes you a few days to get a handle on the telephone system for example, don’t despair. You have time to get to grips with it, along with the additional responsibilities you may have in your new role. 

Ask questions if you need to

Now is the time to ask questions, so don’t be afraid to. As a leading recruitment agency with years of experience, we know it can be scary, but it’s better to ask questions now! Don’t be worried about what your colleagues or your boss might think—you’re new, so how else are you meant to learn? Don’t wait to find out, as this could hinder your ability to do your job. Ask lots of questions and make notes if you need to, so you can refer back to them later.

Introduce yourself confidently

Don’t rely on others to make introductions for you. To build respect, you must take any opportunity to introduce yourself to colleagues. Make sure you do so confidently, with a smile and a firm handshake. Chances are your team will be helpful and supportive, but if you’re replacing someone who was popular amongst the workforce, you may need to work harder to gain their favour. Try to find out about people’s interests and get involved socially outside of work.  

Find a mentor

Building rapport with your boss is important when working in temporary or permanent PA jobs, but you should also try to find a mentor who can guide you in the first weeks of your new employment. A senior colleague who is reliable, confident, and shows initiative is a good candidate, and they may be willing to vouch for you if the opportunity for promotion arises in the future.

Stay positive

Changing jobs is challenging, and it comes with a range of emotions. Whilst you may be excited about taking the next step in your career, transitioning into a new role can come with various obstacles. Whether it’s taking a while to fit in with your new colleagues or you’re working at a slower pace than you’d like, it’s important to remain positive. A positive attitude will help you overcome these difficulties and present you as an optimistic person, which can help to draw in your colleagues.

It might take some time, but you will eventually relax into a comfortable routine at your new job. If you’re looking for PA jobs, executive assistant jobs, receptionist jobs, or other office support jobs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced recruitment specialists. We regularly help people to find and secure suitable roles in the capital.


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