Skills That PA and Secretarial Employers Are Looking for in 2018

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Are you looking to make yourself more employable in 2018? Or perhaps you’re focusing on getting a salary increase in your PA or office support job? If so, read on! As the leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency in London, we know what recruiters are looking for in PA jobs. Here are the three skillsets that PA and secretarial employers are looking for this year…

Specialist focus and knowledge of the wider business

As always, PAs and executive assistants should have experience of the specific industry they work in to be in demand. They should also have a specialist focus, such as HR. However, the remit of PAs, EAs, and other office support staff has expanded, and businesses have become to expect much more from these roles. Therefore, it’s the candidates who have a deep understanding of the workings of an organisation who set themselves apart. PAs should work to develop knowledge of the responsibilities and challenges of various departments within a company and look to contribute in various areas, such as budgeting.

Ability to build and manage relationships

Relationship building is an essential part of all PA jobs, and is especially true in higher level roles. When working at a higher level, you may be required to deal with senior professionals on a daily basis, including board-level executives. You will need to be able to build and maintain excellent working relationships with them, as well as their clients. This requires certain skills, such as an ability to communicate effectively. You will also need to be confident and resilient. If you can develop and showcase these skills consistently, you will be in high demand.

Take a proactive and flexible approach

All companies in 2018 are looking for PAs and secretarial staff who are willing to go above and beyond for the business, solving problems proactively and working to identify new ways to fix problems. For example, if you realise that there is an issue with staff turnover in the company, they will want you to give them a solution, even if this is not your responsibility. Candidates who display a desire to do this are most valuable to the company and are likely to be sought after amongst employers.   

To find out more about how to progress your PA career, contact Love Success. As a specialist PA recruitment agency, our team have an excellent knowledge of recruiting trends in 2018 and can provide expert advice that’s tailored to you. We can help you to find top PA jobs and office support jobs in London.


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