Set Yourself up for Career Success in 2018

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When you’re unhappy at work, making a New Year’s resolution is simple: get a new job. But even if things are going well, you can still set work-related goals. And what better time to do this than the new year? Here’s some top tips for achieving career success in 2018…

Have a career check-up

Chances are you think about your job each day. But when was the last time you sat down and really reflected on your career? Start by writing down how you’re feeling about. Is it making you happy? Are there things you would like to change? Is your current role really what you want to be doing or could you explore other options? You may also want to do some salary research to make sure that your income is in line with your position and industry. This annual check-up can help you maintain or improve your career health.

Update your CV

Updating your CV regularly is really important, as it’s a lot easier to add your accomplishments when they’re fresh in your mind, rather than attempting to add a few years’ experience all at once, trying to recall whether that receptionist job was last year or the one before. It also means that if a recruiter calls you with a great job opportunity, your CV will be ready to go. The new year is a great time to update it your CV, along with your portfolio and your LinkedIn bio.

Acquire a new skill

You may want to make it your goal in 2018 to add a new bullet to the “Skills” section on your CV. Acquiring a new skill doesn’t need to require a big investment–it just needs to improve your performance or allow you to learn about something new. Explore online skills classes or find out about local courses that could benefit your career, whether you work in a PA job or an office support role. Think about mastering new software or improving your public speaking for example.

Grow your network

Many people believe that the best time to network is when you’re looking for a job, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, it makes sense to grow a broad, diverse network of contacts long before you’re seeking a new role, as this will make a job search much easier. If you don’t like networking and aren’t thrilled at the idea of hitting the industry luncheon circuit, consider other ways of networking. You could ask your boss if you can attend a conference that looks interesting, or even just join some LinkedIn groups. You never know who you might meet that could help you progress your career.

Check in with a recruitment agency

It’s always useful to keep in touch with a recruitment agency that specialises in helping candidates field jobs your field. For example, if you work as a PA or executive assistant, it makes sense to contact Love Success – a leading PA recruitment agency. We can keep you updated with developments in the industry and make you aware of any roles which you might be interested in, helping you realise your career ambitions and find the next rung on the ladder. Regularly checking in with a recruitment agency can ensure that you’re ready to take advantage of great opportunities when they arise.    

Career advancement requires you to work hard all year round, but why not let the momentum of the new year kick-start your success? For expert advice on finding top PA jobs and office support jobs in London, contact Love Success today.


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