5 Ways to Find out Whether a Company’s Right for You

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When you’re looking for temporary or permanent PA jobs, executive assistant jobs, or other office support jobs, it’s all too easy to become caught up in what a prospective employer thinks of you. Do you possess the right experience? Are you smart enough? Will you fit into the existing workforce? These are all questions you may ask yourself as you attempt to impress at interview.

However, don’t forget that the job search works both ways! Whilst it’s important to find a company that likes you, it’s just as important for you to find a company that you like. The good news is, there are several clues throughout the application process to help you decide whether an organisation is right for you…

1. Check out the job description: what’s in it for you?

The job description is the company’s chance to attract the best talent to work for them, yet some forget this. They make the job listing all about them and their requirements, rather than sharing why you would want to work there. Next time you’re job hunting, pay close attention to those job ads that talk about opportunities for growth and employee perks and benefits, rather listing the qualifications and skilled they would like you to have for that PA job or receptionist role. These are the companies that are likely to value you most as an employee.

2. Take note of the company’s communication style: is it respectful?

Once you apply for a role with a company, you may well begin a cycle of communication with someone in their HR team, or maybe the person who would be your manager. Whoever you’re dealing with, you need to look out for a few things. These are:

  • Timeliness: how long do you have to wait to hear back from someone?
  • Professionalism: you should feel like you’re being treated professionally.
  • Personalisation: automated emails are fine early on during the application process, but once you’ve had a bit more contact with a hiring manager, it’s reasonable to expect a little personalisation.

3. Consider company culture: how do your personality and aspirations fit in?

Possessing the skills and experience for the role is one thing, but fitting in with the company culture is another. It is arguably the most difficult but essential element of finding the right job for you. Think carefully about your work-life balance and whether you’re prepared to make sacrifices. The company may require you to work long hours or attend events outside of work, especially in EA and PA jobs—are you happy to do this?

4. Meet the employees

It’s a good idea during to the interview process to ask to meet the employees and see what the office environment is like. This will give you a good idea of the kind of people you’ll be working with every day and what the office is like. You also need to think about how you work best—do you prefer a calm and quiet environment or is collaborative working more your style? It is vital that your way of working fits in with how the business operates. If you don’t get a good impression when you meet the employees and see how they work, it may be best to walk away from this role.

5. Find out sooner, rather than later

As a leading PA recruitment agency in London, we know a thing or two about the application process! So, believe us when we say that it’s just as important for you to decide whether you like a company as it is for them to see whether they like you. You can gain valuable information on this at every stage of the recruitment process, helping you to decide whether an organisation is right for you before you say yes. It’s best to find this out early on—rather than on your first day at work! If you need more expert advice on finding top PA jobs and office support jobs in London that are right for you, contact Love Success today.

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