5 Tips for Surviving the Back to Work Blues

Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018 by The Office Zen Master1 comment

Christmas has been and gone and the chocolate has all been eaten. The office party is a distant memory and you need to set your alarm clock for 6am. The new year has arrived and it’s time to head back to work in the bleak winter darkness. Here’s how to survive the first week back in the office…

Get into a work routine quickly

Staying up into the early hours and waking up at lunchtime during the holidays means that your body clock is likely to be a little out of sync when you return to work. It won’t be easy, but the sooner you can get back into your normal routine, the better you will feel. So, ditch that addictive boxset you got for Christmas and get an early night—you’re going to need it if you work in permanent PA jobs or executive assistant jobs.

Relearn all basic skills

Heading back to work after Christmas is much like returning to school after the summer holidays; you can’t quite remember how to grip a pen. Typing on a full-size keyboard may seem strangely odd, and you’ve forgotten your computer passwords, leaving you on hold to the IT department for much of the morning. It also probably seems bizarre that you can’t wear your new Christmas slippers in meetings! You need to relearn all the basic skills during the first week back at work.

Don’t snap at colleagues 

You may not want to see Trudy’s 100+ Instagram photos of Christmas day, or listen to how her fiancé popped the question over the turkey. But it’s important to be nice, and it’ll make your first week back at work much more bearable if you’re on good terms with those you work with. Remember, you’re all in this together! 

Tidy your desk

Chances are you shot out of the office so fast on Christmas Eve that your chair was still spinning. Therefore, you’d be forgiven for not leaving your desk in the most clean and tidy state. But don’t leave the tinsel around your computer screen or the sticky notes from colleagues wishing you Happy Christmas a moment longer. Give your desk a clean and bid Christmas a fond farewell (until next year of course!).

Don’t drink

Heading to a bar after work to reward yourself for making it through the first week back in the office may seem appealing, but think carefully. Your liver has probably been working hard over the festive period, and could probably do with a rest. Plus, turning up to work feeling faintly hungover isn’t the best start to the new year. Do yourself a favour and say no to a drink until the weekend.

Take it easy

PA jobs and executive assistant jobs are demanding, but take it as easy as possible during your first week back at work after Christmas. Everyone is in the same boat (even your boss!), and it’s unlikely that anyone is going to be terribly productive during these first few days. Follow these back to work tips and you’ll be hitting the ground running before you know it.

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