What Not to Do at the Office Christmas Party

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As we near December, many offices will be gearing up for their annual Christmas work party. This is usually a great occasion to let your hair down and have some fun with your colleagues, but it can also be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t careful. After all, the Monday following the Christmas party can often be a sobering experience (or even the time to start looking for a new job!)

As a leading London recruitment agency, we don't just want to help you gain a role - but also keep it! So to make sure your Christmas party runs smoothly and without any potential embarrassment, here's a few things to avoid – even if they seem like an excellent idea after a few drinks!

Don’t drink too much

This mistake can often be the cause of many other Christmas party mistakes! Drinking too much can lower your inhibitions and cause you to act in ways you wouldn’t normally – so be careful with that free bar.

Don’t over or under dress

Many Christmas parties will have a fancy dress theme – but even so, it’s important to keep your outfit tasteful. Remember that, despite all the fun, you will be surrounded by colleagues and should treat the party as a form of professional setting.

Don’t be rude

Perhaps it goes without saying, but watch your manners and avoid getting in arguments with co-workers. This can be made easier by following our first tip.

Don’t be antisocial

Work Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to meet people from a variety of different jobs around the office. If you are an executive assistant, talk to someone with a marketing job. If you work in admin, introduce yourself to the PR department. Don’t simply stick to your usual close group of colleagues.

Watch the mistletoe!

If you’re harbouring a secret work crush, the Christmas party probably isn’t the best opportunity to catch them under the mistletoe. You could embarrass yourself and your crush, plus you’re likely to be the subject of office gossip afterwards.

Don’t climb the career ladder

Many people like the idea of finding a new job by becoming best friends with the senior management (rather than going through an expert recruitment agency like Love Success). But a Christmas party is a time for enjoyment and relaxing – not stating your case for a promotion.

Don’t be a no-show

While work Christmas parties aren’t obligatory, you should make your best effort to attend. Even if you only stay for an hour or two, it’s a good idea to show your face.

Be careful about politics and religion

Nothing divides public opinion more than religion and politics. While some people will simply find these discussions boring, others could have very strong opinions or even become offended. To avoid any possible arguments, it’s best to stick to lighter topics.

Don’t bring other guests

Check your party’s guest policy before bringing a friend. Often a partner will be allowed, but this isn’t always the case – and come Monday you won’t want to explain why there was an uninvited guest taking advantage of your employer’s hospitality.

Do you have any other tips for surviving the work Christmas party without any incidents or embarrassment?

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