Secure Your Perfect PA Job – Top Tips to Make Your CV Stand Out

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Love Success is a leading recruitment agency in London, and so we know better than most the value of a good CV. It is one of the most important tickets in helping you to land PA and office support jobs in the capital. A great CV can be the difference between a potential employer inviting you to interview or rejecting you outright, along with hundreds of other candidates. Therefore, it makes sense to spend time perfecting it.

Competition for jobs remains fierce, so being clever, strategic and purposeful is crucial when it comes to preparing your CV. If you want to secure interviews for receptionist jobs, office support jobs, or executive assistant jobs, follow these tips to help yours stand out from the rest.

Focus your CV on a goal

Before you even think about writing your CV, you need to spend time deciding what it is that you want. What’s your goal? Are you interested in PA or office support jobs, and if so, which ones? Perhaps most importantly, will they provide you with job satisfaction? Do you want a short-term role or a career role? Completing your CV will be a lot easier if you have a focus. It will ensure that you’re heading in the right direction, whether you’re seeking permanent PA jobs or temporary PA jobs.

Make sure it looks good and is easy to read

Your CV needs to look good if you want prospective employers to read it. Formatting, as well as the font, should be consistent and neat. Make sure you view it on a computer as well as a mobile or tablet to ensure that it’s visually impressive on all devices.

In terms of making it easy to read, put bullet points under each position, with the most relevant of these having slightly more. Avoid lengthy paragraphs as employers simply don’t have time to read them. They want to be able to skim through your CV to get an overview of what you can offer and whether you’d be a good fit for the executive assistant jobs, office support jobs, or receptionist jobs within their company.

For expert advice regarding CV layout and design, PA recruitment agencies such as Love Success can help. 

Make it relevant and summarise your skills

Think carefully about what a potential employer wants to hear. Look at the job specification and adapt your CV accordingly, so if you’re applying for a receptionist job, ensure you emphasise your customer-facing experience and people skills. You may want to consider putting a skills box at the top of your CV directly under your personal statement. This will give the person reading it a quick and accurate overview of your relevant skills, without having to read through the whole document.

Tailor your CV

Far too many candidates who want to find top PA jobs and office support jobs in London take a one-size-fits-all approach to CV writing. However, this isn’t an effective technique for job hunting. If you want to be taken seriously by an employer, you need to tailor your CV to the job. Study the role, the company, and anything else you can find to give yourself the edge. Do all you can to make sure the things they’re looking for from a candidate are clear to see on your CV.

It should be a maximum of two pages

Whether you’re applying for challenging executive assistant jobs, multi-skilled office support jobs, or even manager roles, your CV shouldn’t be longer than two pages. Any longer and an employer is likely to lose interest fast, and some pages may not even get read. You may want to add your contact details on each page in case any of the pages get misplaced.

If you keep your CV relevant, succinct, easy to read, and you possess the skills and experience necessary for the role, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t secure interviews for that dream executive assistant job, fast-paced receptionist role, or top London PA job. Before emailing it an employer, it’s a good idea to ask a couple of other people to read through your CV for errors, such as typos. As any employer will tell you, there’s no excuse for mistakes.

For further advice on finding permanent and temporary PA jobs and all the latest vacancies, contact Love Success—we’ve helped hundreds of people to secure their dream jobs in the capital, and we’d love to help you.


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