5 Qualities Every Great PA Should Have

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Finding and placing PAs is our speciality here at Love Success, London’s leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency. This means we know a thing or two about the qualities you need to succeed in a PA role. Temporary and permanent PA jobs involve working closely with senior managerial or directorial staff, providing essential administrative support. PAs help a manager to make the best use of their time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks. Here’s what qualities you’ll need to succeed in the role…

A proactive approach

Managers don’t want to have to hold their PA’s hand. They want you to to take a proactive approach to your work and responsibilities from the very beginning, anticipating your boss’ needs and prioritising tasks assigned to you. PA jobs, as well as other office support jobs, require you to show excellent judgement when decision-making. This ensures that your boss can rely on you to take care of everything and anything that might distract them whilst focusing on other things, such as client meetings. Once you’ve worked with your boss for a while, it will become a lot easier to act on their behalf.

Excellent interpersonal skills

If you want to flourish in permanent or temporary PA jobs and eventually progress to executive assistant jobs, you’ll need to have excellent interpersonal skills.  Over the average workday, you’ll need to communicate with various people at all levels of business, and you must be able to converse with them efficiently. To succeed as a PA, you’ll need to have an outgoing and likeable personality along with exceptional communication skills, whether speaking via phone, email, or in person.  

Organisational skills

As a PA, your duties will include handling your boss’ calendar and scheduling appointments, which requires excellent organisational skills. You’ll also need to answer the phone, take messages, and carry out many other tasks that require precise attention to detail. To work in PA jobs or receptionist jobs, you’ll need to have time-management skills and be confident in your ability to prioritise urgent assignments.


Temporary and permanent PA jobs are very hectic, particularly if you’re required to support your boss’ personal needs as well as their professional needs. This means that you must be able to juggle lots of tasks effectively, completing them all to a high standard. The nature of the job means that you may often be subjected to last-minute changes. Whilst this would throw most people off-balance, a good PA will adapt to these changes quickly and without feeling daunted. If you feel stressed and upset when plans go awry, a career as a PA may not be for you.


Ultimately, every manager wants their PA to become their “right arm”. For this to be the case, a PA needs to be totally reliable. They can’t afford to arrive at the office late, and projects must be completed on schedule. Over time, you’ll be expected to know your boss so well that you can easily predict what you need to do each day. You should be able to take care of things before you’ve even been asked. You will know you are succeeding in your role when you’re not just an asset, but you’re completely indispensable.

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