Do You Really Need University?

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This week has seen a new batch of A-level results revealed, and though the official figures showed an increase in the number of top grades, there will still be thousands of students who didn’t get the qualifications they needed to progress. After college, the next logical step for many is university — but do you really need a degree to make a success of yourself in the modern economy?

As London’s leading PA and secretarial recruitment agency, we love to help candidates find their dream role, so today we’ll look at whether a degree is really important.

The costs

With sky-high tuition fees and no guarantee of a job once you have a degree, many young people are now looking for routes directly into employment, rather than going to university. Just three years of study can cost almost £30,000 (the current fees are capped at £27,750, to be exact). Having that figure hanging over your head for the first thirty years of your life after university can be incredibly off-putting for some.

The earnings

Though the idea of fresher’s week, stimulating lectures, and continued education is appealing, others would prefer to step right into the world of work and start earning right away. Going straight into work is proving to be beneficial for lots of younger people. The Office for National Statistics found that 29% of graduates actually earn less than those who entered the workforce right after school or college, choosing apprenticeships, receptionist jobs, or other entry-level roles instead of pursuing a degree.

Many young people buy into the idea that having a degree is the only way to get into well-paid work – and while having that qualification on your CV does help, it’s certainly not the only route into high-paid professions. A recent study by Indeed found that there are plenty of positions out there that offer great salaries and don’t necessarily need to be degree-educated.

The salaries

As a leading PA recruitment agency, we take a particular interest in EA and PA salaries. In the survey, the role of executive assistant came in at fourth on the list, with an average salary of £33,150 – well above the UK average of £27,271. Executive assistants are essentially personal assistants to very senior executives, and as such, they need to be highly skilled – but importantly, not necessarily degree-educated.

Those in the top PA jobs for high-ranking executives are responsible for much more than simply doing the coffee run and organising diaries. Executive assistants are often in charge of travel arrangements, email management, accounting, client billings, and other ad hoc duties. These highly demanding roles often require someone who can devote their time around-the-clock, and many will require extensive travel and even the ability to speak numerous languages, but this doesn’t mean only graduates.

Executive and personal assistants help keep CEOs at the top of their game. There’s no degree course to become an assistant like this — but it’s actually one of the most technically demanding jobs out there. Managing a CEO’s professional life is no easy task, even for those who did go to university!

We’ve helped many graduates and non-university-goers bag their dream roles. So whether you went to university or not, we can help you gain your dream role as an EA or PA. For more information about temporary and permanent PA jobs at prestigious firms in the capital, get in touch with Love Success today.


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