Top TV Shows and Movies That Influenced Career Choices

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Every now and then, a TV show or hit movie comes along that makes you reconsider your entire career. Perhaps it was Top Gun in the 1980s, which made every man want to become a fighter pilot. Maybe it was Legally Blonde in the 2000s, which inspired a generation of young girls to become lawyers (not only to get back at their ex-boyfriend, but to succeed in their own lives).

As a leading London recruitment agency, at Love Success we love to hear what inspired people to take on their dream role. So today, we're taking a look at the TV shows and movies that have influenced career choices for millions and made fantastic dramas out of workplaces that many of us have experienced.

Grey’s Anatomy

This long-running medical drama had everyone thinking they could have been a surgical resident at some point. Whether you wanted to emulate the ambitious and driven cardio surgeon, Cristina Yang, or the bad-boy turned child doctor Alex Karev, this American drama showed what it’s like to live the life of a surgeon - tasked with saving lives while trying to manage their own.

The Good Wife

Another long-running American drama, this legal procedural not only depicted life in the world of law, it also showed what it’s like for a woman to return to work after raising a family. Alicia Florrick is the ‘good wife’ of a shamed public official who is sent to jail after a public scandal. She returns to work as a lawyer, working alongside juniors and interns, but her sharp mind and shrewd understanding of the law sees her rise through the ranks to become a partner in a top Chicago firm. The wonderful scenes in the courtrooms made us want to brush up on legal precedent so we could stand up and shout, “Objection, Your Honour!”.


This BBC drama is set in the highly secretive world of MI5, where undercover intelligence officers racing to stop cyber criminals, terrorists, and other spy organisations. The slick styling and tight storylines made us all wonder what life would be like as a secret agent for one of the world’s most mysterious and powerful organisations.

Bond Movies

The Bond films are a step up from MI5, set in the even more mysterious world of MI6 – the Secret Intelligence Service. The gadgets, the exotic locations, the baddies… who hasn’t pictured themselves bickering with ‘M’ before being deployed to track down an international criminal in one of the slickest British cars around? 007 continues to be one of the most desirable job positions in the world.

The Devil Wears Prada & Ugly Betty

Both of these comedy dramas were set in the cut-throat world of American fashion. The Devil Wears Prada is a fictionalized account of one woman’s experiences working at US Vogue, while Ugly Betty takes place in the made-up MODE magazine (clearly a take on Vogue!). The outrageous fashion, the behind-the-scenes backstabbing, and the seriously tough bosses were intimidating – but that hasn’t stopped thousands from being inspired into the world of fashion as a result!

 We'd love to hear what inspired you to work in your job—was it a film or TV show? Let us know below!

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