Top Tips to Succeed in That Tricky Second Interview

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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘tricky second album’? It’s often used in the music industry to describe the challenge faced by successful musicians who are making their second record. The first album may have been the result of years of hard work as a musician on the circuit, with songs honed over many months in the studio. But the second album comes with more expectation, and less time to prepare.

The same goes for job interviews. You may think the first interview is the biggest hurdle to get over – but in reality, the second one can be much trickier! Interviewers are more likely to dip deeper into your experience and suitability in the second interview session, and the competition is much more intense. If you’ve been selected to go through to the next round of interviews - whether it's for a top PA job or a temporary PA job, an office manager role or an office support placement, here are some top tips to ensure you don’t suffer from ‘second album syndrome’.

Ask for feedback

It’s always a great idea to ask for feedback from your first interview (even if you don’t bag the call-back for round two). This shows that you’re eager and enthusiastic, and it’ll give you some insight into what you can work on before the next interview. If you’re working with a recruitment agency, they should be able to obtain some feedback from their client for you – alternatively, you could ask the HR department from the company itself.

Be prepared for new faces

In the second stage of the interview, it’s more likely that you’ll see some new faces. In the first round, you might have met the general hiring manager or someone from HR, but as the interview process moves on, the people who will be your immediate bosses or supervisors may become more involved. Be prepared to meet some new people and make just as strong a first impression on them as you did with your original interviewers in the first interview session.

Remember: they’re assessing ‘cultural fit’ too

The second interview will likely involve some in-depth questions about your skills and your technical expertise. You might be expected to discuss examples of your previous work or talk about specific projects you’ve worked on. But it’s important to remember that the interviewers are also assessing whether you’ll be the right cultural fit for their company, as well as appropriately qualified for the role. Time to crank up those interpersonal skills!

Don’t get complacent

Getting through to the second round of interviews means they like you, right? Well, this idea that the hard work is already over can cause many candidates to take their foot off the gas when they show up for the second interview. Don’t get complacent – treat the second interview in exactly the same way as the first, with the same amount of preparation and planning beforehand.

Be consistent

Try to ensure your answers in the second interview are consistent with the first. Your interviewers are likely to compare notes as they sit down to decide which candidate to hire – you don’t want them to be faced with any discrepancies between your interviews that could cause them to think twice about your application.

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