Are You Earning the UK Average Salary for Your Age Bracket?

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When it comes to earnings and wages, your age and your salary are directly linked. As you get older, progressing through your career, your average earnings will rise. This is to be expected as you gain experience and skills in your chosen industry. 

So, if we look solely at age, what can you expect to be earning in your age bracket? Let’s take a look at the figures.

  • Ages 18-21 – The first roles many people get outside of college or university produce average earnings of £1,270 to £1,361 per month.
  • Ages 22-29 – Progressing to the next rung of the career ladder in your 20s means you’re expected to be earning between £1,829 and £1,924 per month.
  • Ages 30-39 – By your 30s, you’re estimated to be earning an average of £2,331 and £2,535. This is when the earnings of women peak.
  • Ages 40-49 – In your 40s, the average earnings are between £2,258 and £2,830. This is when men’s earnings peak.

Of course, there are a multitude of other factors that play into potential earnings and average salaries. Education and experience are at a premium – a highly educated and more experienced individual is likely to be in a much higher-paying role than someone with fewer qualifications. The industry you’re in also plays into average earnings – naturally, the wages of those in nursing, office support jobs, tech positions, and catering roles are all going to differ wildly from one another. 

Sadly, gender is still a factor in earnings. Recent research found that the average annual salary for a woman is £22,381, while for men it’s much higher at £32,961. Experts say this shows that the earnings for women peak earlier, and they see a decline in salary growth after their early 30s.

Are you earning less than the average?

Statistically, half of people are earning less than the average salary – and many will want to do something about it. What options are open to those who want to boost their earnings?

  • Apply for promotions in-house. Speak to your superiors and see whether there are any positions open higher up the chain at your place of work, and enquire about what you’d need to do to make yourself a candidate for such positions.
  • Contact a London recruitment agency. PA and secretarial recruitment agencies have extensive networks and can help you to find a role that is better paid, and more suitable to your unique skill set. Whether you're looking for a top PA job in London, a permanent or temporary PA job, a receptionist job, or an executive assistant job, London recruitment agencies can help you.
  • Research training opportunities that are open to you. Whether you pursue a course at the Open University, carry out some additional training in-house at your existing place of work, or undertake some other form of training, some extra qualifications could help you to earn more in your job.

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