Weird and Wonderful Job Titles You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Did you know that quirky job titles can actually be a powerful marketing and recruitment tool for businesses? Creating a job description that says something other than ‘Marketing Executive’ or ‘Senior Account Manager’ can help you stand out from the crowd, and if you’re trying to cultivate a certain company culture, it’ll show both customers and potential candidates what you’re all about.

As a leading London recruitment agency, at Love Success, we love a weird and wonderful job title! We’ve scoured the web to find some of the strangest job titles that you’ll never believe are real - but we promise they are. We’re just off to recruit our next Digital Overlord…

Software Ninjaneer

TSheets is a time tracking and scheduling app for businesses in the U.S. – but they don’t adhere to regular old job titles. The mysteries of software development are unknown to many of us outside of the tech world, which makes the job title of ‘Software Ninjaneer’ so relevant and fun.


The University of Glasgow recently posted a job notice seeking a ‘Knitter-in-Residence’ to support their Knitting in the Round project. The appointment was to include the much-feted Wool Week celebration, and the prime candidate would be paid a generous £1,000 for their expertise. We wonder how many applications they received?


If you’ve caught any of David Attenborough’s most famous nature shows, you can’t fail to be charmed by the adorable penguins he often follows. That’s why we’re so jealous of Dr Tom Hart, who has the fabulous job title of Penguinologist at the University of Oxford.

Money Maestro

This great description is a fantastic way to inject a little more excitement into finance-based roles. At U.S.-based firm Delivering Happiness, this is what they call their accounting manager. Anyone who’s been involved with accounts will know that managing them requires plenty of arrangement and orchestration, which is exactly what a maestro should be able to do.

Cat Behaviour Consultant

Be honest: how many of you have watched so many cat videos on YouTube that you now feel uniquely qualified for this role? The man behind this job title, Jackson Galaxy (he even has a cool name!), also goes by the nickname ‘The Cat Daddy’. He’s written a multitude of books on cat behaviour, and has even released a line of kitty accessories to match.

Director of Storytelling

We’re always hearing about how marketing is all about telling stories and creative narratives, which is why this is such a fantastic job title for a top marketing expert. We’re sure this would also be a great job title for a librarian…

Chief People Officer

Sometimes, the best names are the simplest ones! The Chief People Officer at Opportunity Network is basically the head of HR – but we prefer their way of saying it. HR is all about managing people, and his job title describes the role to a tee.

Whether you're looking for a weird and wonderful job title, or are seeking a temporary PA job or permanent team assistant role (perhaps they could call the role 'the super organiser'?), keep following the Love Success blog for the latest recruitment news and job opportunities! 


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